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App review: Surveys on the move

SurveyMonkey has become the go to option for small and medium-size companies (and sometimes their larger counterparts) because it's an easy, quick and free way to canvass your customer base. A while ago the service came to the iPhone ... More …


Lightning Lab alumni get $2.2m funding

Six months after joining the Lightning Lab acceleration programme and pitching to investors, five of the alumni companies have landed $2.2 million in seeding funding More …

Intellectual property

Get cunning about IP: Learn from the Big Boys

Got an IP strategy? Kate Wilson argues if all you are doing is talking to your patent attorney about protecting your inventions, the answer is probably no. Instead, Kiwi companies could learn from the multinationals about being cunning around IP. More …


Kiwi James Dyson finalists take their place


A harvester that converts vibrations from city traffic into electricity and handles that turn sticks into sophisticated tramping poles are among that made the cut in the New Zealand leg of the annual James Dyson Award global product design innovation ... More …

Craft beer guide gets its kickstart

The Kiwi Craft guide to craft brewers and their brews is cashing in on the popularity of these local drops with a successful Kickstarter campaign. More …