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Of business and island in the sun with Richard Branson

What does a bunch of high flying entrepreneurs do when they get together at Richard Branson's Necker Island? They party of course. Behind the parties are some serious lessons from one of the planet's most intuitive business tycoons ... More …


What’s keeping business awake at night?

Although Kiwi entrepreneurs are in good financial shape, they are less optimistic about their profit growth over the next six months. They also continue to lose sleep over the prospect of higher financing costs, and a volatile NZ dollar, among ... More …


Winner of Jasmax video comp: Exploring an urban jungle

Architectural design firm Jasmax is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and, in keeping with the marketing zeitgeist, it asked punters to join in the fun by entering a short video competition, showing "how architecture impacts and facilitates our everyday ... More …


What’s on: Auckland Architecture Week

Next week, the City of Sails will be host to five days of architectural events, with industry-leading speakers and topics focusing on Auckland's design identity – which extends to its oft-used nickname. More …


Emoji mad: LA startup shares tips on how to raise funds

US startup Emoticon Inc has developed Makemoji, an iphone app that allows users to create their own emojis. Its founder Tyler Breton shares some tips with Kiwi startups in-waiting on what to watch out for when faced with the challenge ... More …


Catching up to the future of apps

Microsoft has still not revealed a date for when its Windows users will be able to seamlessly sync their apps across multiple devices More …


What rock stars can teach start-ups about success

If New Zealand is a rock star economy, does that make New Zealand companies rock stars? And are there any parallels between real rock stars (you know, the music guys) and their business equivalents. Maybe there are... More …