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Flying car set in motion

Is it a car? Is it a plane? Well it’s both actually. Terrafugia has just released specifications and computer graphics of its next generation flying car Transition, which is currently under construction at the company’s Massachusetts facility.

The improvements to the design are based on information gathered during drive and flight testing in 2009, coupled with extensive computer-aided design and optimisation.

The recent grant of 50 kg by the Federal Aviation Authority for the Transition within the Light Sport Aircraft category allows the next generation design to incorporate modern automotive-style safety features currently unavailable in other light aircraft. The model also includes a customised, intuitive touch-screen interface in the cockpit.

Watch the multi-purpose transporter in action below.

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I do not think such a vehicle would make it to commercial markets any time soon. Besides the technical and cost issues, I think it would be hard for them to get clearance from authorities to take off when and where they want. I would also imagine the cost of owning one would be astronomical.

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