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Win pass to CreativeTech and Adobe Photoshop Elements pack for your best design suggestion

A while back we featured a story on the upcoming technology blitz CreativeTech. This new technology forum offers a broad mix of talks and presentations on design, developing, movie making, photography, audio engineering and more, and it’s only one month away.

And we figure one of our lucky readers might like to head along — for free of course. Not only are we giving away a pass to the event, valued at $120, the winner will also snag for themselves an Adobe Photoshop Elements pack valued at $200.

How to enter

Just tell us what your favourite piece of design is—be it graphic design, architecture, or whatever else inspires you. Send us your suggestion along with a link to the design and you could be sinking your teeth into some serious creative inspiration in one month’s time.

More about CreativeTech

There event offers everything from practical ‘how to’ showcases of the latest Apple, Adobe, FileMaker and Microsoft software, to advanced developing for the iPhone and iPad, and expert insights into tomorrow’s technologies.

Get the low down on the likes of Adobe CS5 and Adobe Elements and Lightroom, Final Cut, and iMovie from the experts at Renaissance and Adobe.

Keynote speakers ‘futurist’ Mark Pesce and MacTheMag (and former Australian Macworld) editor Matthew JC Powell offer expert insights into tomorrow’s technologies and the future of Apple.

While other speakers include 22 year old Australians and successful iPhone developers (Soulver and Picturesque) Zac Cohan and Nik Youdale; KIWA Media VP and QBook developer Roger Shakes; triathlete and iPhone developer Rob Beck; Lee Herbet from Renaissance; and Philip Fierlinger from Xero.

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Favourite piece of design 'Reflection on Sagrada Familia' by Ingrid Siliakus

Frida Kahlo's Blue House in Coyoacán, Mexico. Real insight into her crazy, tortured and inspired life and consequent art.

My favourite piece of design is my KeepCup. I love how practical, stylish and simple these cups are and they help me reduce my impact on the world. Not to mention the fact that great, guilt free coffee is one of life's little luxuries!

My current obsession is the Ulysse Nardin Chairman smartphone. It has a beautiful brass driven aesthetic based on Ulysse Nardin's watch designs and seemlessly includes a kinetic generator to give it a great classic feel. To me it represents a relief in a world where the harsh sterility of “i” products is described as “sexy”.

I love this piece of package design because it adds value to all of Pumas customers both the store sales people and the user by simplifying the disposable packaging that is left over after the purchase. Its the type on innovation that comes from finding customer values.

Plus it looks cool.

the uniball sport jetstream. Hard to improve upon a writing implement, but using it is unbelieveable. I have been raving about it for over 12 months.

My fave idea is Villa Savoye design
Firstly, Ive researched about Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye design for my uni assignment, i thought its jus white blank useless bulding I mean I asked myself why he designed that. So Ive gained alot of knowledge about it, it becomes more interesting because theres alot of meanings and things behind it in depth that people cant see why till they find out…its amazing when you found out about the five points of architecture, its international style and the design language-its so simple, beautiful open space view to ocean when its located on huge site, best movement routes for people/disabilities its just perfect match to their needs…i mean i never heard anyone have better design rather than him..he's really yeah thats why hes famous for that lol…

Oh and also he focus on his quote‘a house is a machine for living in’. What he meant was that designers should design the machine that is well matched to its purpose of the house. The purpose, thus, showed beauty as an important reason for artistic quality…I believe that he focus on 50% of the looks of the house and 50% of how the house works e.g. the ramp-is slope like escalator so its going to be easier for wheelchair disabilities to move around in this house,etc…so Le Corbusier wasn't only looking at the beauty but he just made it balance between them and its a very good example to make people feel welcomed and comfortable at the same time! :)

Paula Scher was one of the first influential graphic designers introduced to me, I’d never seen a map so infused with personality, life, humour and voice. She began painting small, opinionated maps—colorful depictions of continents and regions, covered from top to bottom by a scrawl of words. Her maps eschew opinion in favour of a barrage of facts “They’re all wrong,” Scher says. “I mean, nothing’s in the right spot. I put in what I feel like. It’s my comment on information in general. We receive a lot of information all the time and mostly it’s lies or slight mistruths.” I've always admired how the these maps throb with implication, but there's also something intrinsically beautiful in the painstaking details of the texture and text. It's for these reasons that I find it inspiring.

I love Marian Bantjes design, and I think this one is special because it's not only good to look at but has hidden depths, every element is there for a reason.

My pick? The monogram.

For centuries used as a way to communicate identity and value, for me it is the perfect distillation of form, typography and symbolism in a personal brand.
Illustration but not illustrative.

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