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Radiohead: For the fans, by the fans

One of the first bands to embrace file-sharing with the release of its pay-what-you-want album In Rainbows, Radiohead is again engaging with its fans by supplying a free audio master of its Prague 2009 concert for a fan-driven project.  

The idea was for a variety of concert-goers to film the concert in HD from different angles within the audience.  The footage was edited together with the audio master, and has now been made available for free download in formats for the iPad, YouTube and HD Quicktime, with a Blu-Ray version promised.  

The result is a concert film that actually puts you in the audience - the  next best thing to seeing Radiohead live. 

Radiohead- Live in Prague

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Bleh… NIN fans did it first two years ago and with much higher quality

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