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WIN this delicious book for your despicable design

As well as being a rather convenient form of product containment, packaging can be an artwork in and of itself, regardless of what’s contained inside it. 200 Best packaging Design Worldwide, by Luerzer's Archive, showcases the most curvy, funky, colourful and knock-out packaging designs to have ever been created (read review HERE). 

How to win

We’ve got copies of this artful book to give away to two lucky winners. All you have to do is send in a picture or link to the most grotesque piece of packaging design you’ve seen. Easy.

Competition ends Wednesday October 27.

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check it out! had to double take this when I found it

Anti-theft lunch bags… who would've guessed? This is definitely the most grotesque piece of packaging design I've ever seen. Grotesque, but down-right clever and innovative. I want a packet of my own!

So bad on so many levels.

Tofu wrapped in a balloon = gross!

Product packaging Fail!

A finger USB with french manicure. Just gross, you can't try make it pretty!

The beer squirrel has to be the world's ugliest packaging design. The bizarre thing is that it was a limited edition and sold out almost immediately. Go figure!

Good ol' 80's packaging…..

Anything that comes in that awful, stiff, hermetically sealed plastic gets my vote for being 'worst ever'. I inevitably end up trying to attack it with a carving knife and one day, it's all going to go horribly wrong…

So, imagine a product designed to end this heinous frustration. (Oh, happy day!)

Then imagine how they packaged the bl**dy thing.

The design and layout of text on this container when viewed from a different angle can give this package new meaning and uses.

Bad for aesthetics and the planet!
As designers I believe we have a certain responsibility, or at least we ought to. More a best practice than a code of conduct, self regulating rather than a book of rules. Like not misleading the audiences, or promoting behaviours that one might find morally objectionable. Or this, seen on the back of a truck about 100km south of Dubai. Try as hard as I can the only message I can see here is “to hell with the red light, let’s rip!” And if you ever decide to investigate the number of pedestrian casualties on the roads in the UAE you’ll see that this message is getting through.

We were discussing at work how the packaging for these Stax chips remind us of dish washing packaging.

Not so much ugly (though admittedly not overly attractive), but more a case of dangerous…

Aaaaaaaaah for many reasons :)

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