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Straddling traffic congestion

What better way to optimise road space and ease traffic jams than by creating a bus that doesn’t require its own lane, but rather drives over cars on the road? The "three-dimensional fast bus" allows cars less than 2 ... More …


Best in show

The Best Awards finalists were announced today and there's a delicious selection of Kiwi genius on display More …

Urban Design

Nick Smith gets spatial on design

The state of urban planning in New Zealand has been a contentious issue for sometime now, and in a recent speech to the New Zealand Planning Institute at their Auckland Spatial Plan conference, Nick Smith revealed the Government’s plans ... More …


Semi-Snapshot: Storm Thorgerson gets blurry

A curious man to interview, Storm Thorgerson unleashes his childhood dream on us (sort of) — to be a romantic lead on a galeon boat. He also talks about those other talents of his — graphic design and filmmaking. And of course ... More …


You thought we wouldn’t notice? We did.

Here’s a website bound to stoke the fires of designers who’ve ever had their work mirrored or outright copied. “You thought we wouldn’t notice” brings design work mimicry into the limelight of shame. More …


Pulchritude my data


Data can be boring, but it can also be a beautiful thing. Simon Todd examines how the godfather of data visualisation, David McCandless, transforms everyday bland data into a “picture sandwich”. More …


Anything but timid yet strangely liveable

It’s a striking, colourful home with unusual, sometimes awkward angles in an assortment of materials that looms large over a prominent corner near Narrowneck beach. Opened up to the neighbours for a fundraising tour, the provocative home of David ... More …

Product Design

Hooked on plastic

The recycling bin may no longer be the sole destination for your plastic bottles thanks to this enlightening concept by designers Lie Zhong-Fa, Lee Sang-Bong & Ji Jung-Ah. The + (Plus) Conjunctive Flash Light doubles as a regular torch AND a lamp ... More …


Designing for a dictator

Can designing for a dictator actually be virtuous? That’s the question posed by editor of Co.Design Cliff Kuang when he speaks to contemporary architect Bjarke Ingels of architect firm BIG. The firm is famous for a number of ... More …


10 Typefaces of the Decade

What are the top 10 typefaces of the decade? While that may be open to debate, Paul Shaw reckons he’s got the best 10 pinned dow More …

Fill your boots

Are you guilty of using unnecessary—and pretentious—business jargon? It doesn't make you seem any cleverer, you know, but some of us just can't help it: paradigm, mindshare, blue-sky thinking, granularity, calendarise, and even stupid expressions like ... More …


The Transcendent City - autonomous, artificially intelligent, sustainable

Ever wondered what a city operating entirely on artificial intelligence would look like? Richard Hardy, a Bartlett School of Architecture graduate, created this stunning Transcendant City movie as a reaction to a society that is currently not responding effectively to ... More …

Product Design

Here comes the bride (lamp)

Finding plastic a little boring, designer Leva Kaleja opted for a more delicate paper approach in creating these “bride” pendant, table and floor lamps. More …