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Tell me little while lies—the birth of a magazine

Here's a cool way to start your Monday morning off. If you ever wondered how much work, craft and passion goes into putting together a magazine, the folks behind UK film magazine Little White Lies give you an idea with this fast-paced visual stunner of a video. 

“We wanted to make a short film that captured some of the love, care and hand-crafted passion that goes into the making of an issue of LWLies,” say the Little White Lies team. “While we obviously embrace digital in all forms, first and foremost we're makers of honest, tangible and fine-smelling objects, and we hope that comes across in some way here.” 

To create the video, the magazine crew was filmed in November and December last year. And giving it more pace, the video is set to the ‘A swan is born’ track, taken from the Black Swan soundtrack.

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