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A dose of kitchen and bathroom envy

Staring at the winning designs from this year’s National Kitchen and Bathroom Association Awards might give you a hefty dose of bathroom and kitchen envy, but don’t let that stop you. The awards were recently celebrated in Wellington ... More …


Submit über-question, WIN pass to We Can Create


We don't know about you, but here at Design Daily we're getting pretty psyched about delving into the creative wisdom of the speakers at upcoming art, design and creative technologies mega event We Can Create. But if you ... More …


A building design of palatable taste

Here’s a building design likely to grab its fair share of attention from curious passers-by. Probably because it's made largely form wooden pallets. More …


First Light house gets hammered (under auction)

The First Light house may be firmly en-route to the US, but the fate of the house upon its return from the US had always been a little unclear. Until now. In their latest blog the First Light team explains ... More …

Innovation of the day: The Most Useless Machine Ever


The Most Useless Machine Ever is a small wooden box with a switch. When the switch is flipped, turning the machine on, the box opens and a small arm reaches out to turn the switch off, before retracting back into ... More …