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No files in the cloud?


Taking Word and Excel files away from the average office worker and replacing them with some sort of online representation would be like taking guns away from Charlton Heston's "cold dead hands". More …


Wellington wins bid to host Digital Earth Summit

Wellington has won an international bid to host the 2012 Digital Earth Summit, which mayor Celia Wade-Brown says ties in perfectly with the city's bid to be recognised as a ‘creative digital capital’. More …

We Can Create

Join us at We Can Create tomorrow

We Can Create kicks off tomorrow bringing you two days of creative inspiration by way of graphics, fashion, animation, illustration, motion graphics, typography and sound design (and that's just for starters). If you haven't managed to buy a ... More …


K’Road unveils its artful shelter


Bus shelters aren’t ordinarily much to look at, but the new additions to K’ Road, unveiled earlier this week at a dawn ceremony, offer up a bit of an artistic twist. The original 1970s shelters have been replaced by ... More …

Stats on the slopes

Snow enthusiasts: how would real-time detailed stats on your ski and board runs help you sharpen those moves? More …


Alt Group’s Dean Poole joins famed design club

In an interview with last year’s Best Awards Black Pin winner Dean Poole of Alt Group, he said the design agency could be huge but instead it just wants to be “small, nimble and do good work for a ... More …

A message for Idealog subscribers

A message to Idealog subscribers: due to a technical error involving humans and the planet Mars, your copy of the magazine is running late and will reach you later this week. Apologies for the wait...