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Throwing the doors wide open for the People’s Choice

NZ Innovators Awards: now for the people’s choice!

The official entries are in and are being judged by the experts. Phooey to experts! What do you think? We’re seeking your views on the most innovative people or thing in New Zealand.

We're looking for a person, an organisation and a product. 

Leave a comment and tell us who or what your pick is – and in one sentence, why they're getting your vote. We'll shortlist the finalists and call on your help once again to determine the ultimate winner next month.

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Geoff Ross:
The guy is a legend at creating something out of nothing: who'd have picked vodka from NZ or that candles are the Next Big Thing. Innovative marketer.

Colin Murdoch
Invented the disposable syringe and the tranquilliser dart. Had more patents to his name than any other NZer. Died relatively unknown.

Still the only Kiwi cleantech company to get massive off-shore support for what could be massive globally

Person: David Pugh
Company: GeekStuff Ltd
Product: NDial - Internet Speed Dial

Getting my vote for inventing a unique Mobile Tagging solution that connects a Customer to a Website using a single English Word instead of having to remember or type a long cryptic URL.

Rex Bionics Robot legs. Great recent NZ innovation. Showing how a medical aid can look cool and really dramatically change someones world!

Sir Paul Callaghan is a candidate surely? One of our leading scientists and vocal critic of the way science and R&D is handled in NZ. Gets my vote

Ceo: Darrin Grafton
Not really published a lot in NZ but number one in Australia.
They won the most innovative software product at the HiTech Awards/Microsoft Awards/Australian Awards/Asia Pacific Awards, and was the first tech compay to be inducted into the Australian Travel Technology Hall of Fame!
The CEO was also HiTech Entrepreneur of the Year.

Has designed a simple way of removing Phosphorus and Nitrogen from water and soil before it can leach into our waterways. Excess nutrients are the single biggest cause of water degradation Worldwide.

Grant Ryan:
A serial designer /innovator /entrepreneur who gets as much of a buzz from creating ways to get his creations to market as he does from inventing them in the first place. The latest manifestation of this is the Yike Bike - beautifully resolved and sure to rise in popularity as it finds its niche among transport choices.

Technopak and Shane Reckin in particular. This guy has managed to come up with ground breaking innovations for packaging dairy powders over almost 3 decades. He quietly gets on with it and has helped keep us all afloat by using technology to help make our largest industry as competitive as it can be. An extra row of bags per pallet adds up to a lot of saved fuel oil and cost. He has also been selling technology into the US for a decade. Check this guy out. No doubt he'll spit the dummy for being singled out….

Collective Dairy have come leaps and bounds since they launched a short time ago. With distribution now in the UK and NZ wide, they are at the coal face of their customers feedback. They develop products with the customer in mind and combine unique flavours for their products which reflect the best of what NZ has to offer.

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