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DesignCrowd taps 20 burgeoning New Zealand startups

DesignCrowd, an online marketplace providing logo, website, print and graphic design services through freelancers from around the world, has just launched its New Zealand chapter. And to mark the occasion, it's compiled a roundup of 20 'hot startups' from down under.

Silicon Valley is the place most people think of when talking about startups, while Israel, India, China and more recently Australia are receiving honorable mentions as foreign investors are developing an interest and making prominent investments in these geographies. New Zealand often gets short shrift and New Zealand's own financial institutions haven't put much of their own money into the area - often cited as being risk-averse and preferring markets that are less speculative, such as farming. But there is a buzzing startup scene in New Zealand (just check out their leading world class incubator The ICEHOUSE) and there are also naturally some brilliant startups in NZ! 

Number one is Trade Me (although technically well past the startup stage by now), with Xero and Ponoko – as well as smaller companies like iWantMyName, StickyHQ, MusicHype and Yonix – making it onto the list as well. 

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Interesting list - definitely the case that smart brains over here are having an impact 'over there'. I'd never heard of some of these (and I should have!).

A couple of missing names:
PocketSmith - finance and banking advice for students

TicketDirect - online ticket sales

Would definitely second Pocketsmith - a great little personal finance disruptor.

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