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Occupy everywhere: From Arab Spring to American Spring


In this series of posts Phoebe Fletcher from the University of Auckland’s Film, Television and Media Studies Department will explain some of the issues around the phenomenal growth of the Occupy movement, what it means for society and whether ... More …

Win! A decade in pictures!


From Valerie Adams to Kylee Guy, the faces featured in New Zealand New Millennium are instantly recognisable. It's a comprehensive portrait of our nation in images from 2000–2010 – in news, politics, natural disasters, sports, arts/culture, celebrity, lifestyle ... More …


Act in won’t-sell-your-assets clothing


Say hello to the new Act – because while the Conservative Party says it will govern with anyone, right or left, 1 percent beggars can’t be choosers. More …

Behind the scenes of Tintin at Animfx

Translating Hergè's iconic panels onto the big screen was most definitely not a task for the faint of heart. And if you're curious to find out just what went into it, AnimFX will be presenting the ‘making-of’ ahead ... More …


Aquaflow takes its next generation biofuel across the Tasman

Micro algae, wood waste, bagasse and other green municipal waste is to be put to good use thanks to Kiwi company Aquaflow. The company has announced it is partnering with Energy Parks Australia to develop infrastructure for energy parks to ... More …