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Product Design

Innovative eco index tool invites Icebreaker to get on board

Kiwi company Icebreaker has been selected to test the next phase of the Eco Index, an innovative online tool to benchmark and measure the environmental impact of apparel, footwear and gear products within six product life cycle stages: Materials, packaging ... More …

Lessons on how to Thrive

Get the basics right, invest in development, and never compromise on quality. That was the take-home message at the Thrive International conference on Friday, with John Buchanan from the International Chamber of Commerce urging companies to invest in innovation in ... More …


Partnerships key in taking ideas international

In the grand scale of things, New Zealand may be a mere speck at the bottom of the globe – but we’ve got a role to play on the world stage, if we’re prepared to seize the opportunity. More …


Christchurch Architecture Awards a ‘cause for optimism’

To say Christchurch has had a rough time of it lately is certainly putting it mildly. But that didn’t stop some of the best architecture in the region being recognised at last night’s Canterbury Architecture Awards. All up ... More …