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Alt Group’s Dean Poole joins famed design club

In an interview with last year’s Best Awards Black Pin winner Dean Poole of Alt Group, he said the design agency could be huge but instead it just wants to be “small, nimble and do good work for a ... More …

A message for Idealog subscribers

A message to Idealog subscribers: due to a technical error involving humans and the planet Mars, your copy of the magazine is running late and will reach you later this week. Apologies for the wait...


Doctors take aim at antibiotic resistance from factory farming

That the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock feed (especially in the US) is creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria isn’t a particularly new argument. But while those involved in the animal production business may surprisingly beg to differ, doctors are now ... More …

Climate Change

The big chill and the big fracking issue

This week on the Climate Show: The big chill freezes New Zealand, Arctic sea ice in the balance, the US has a warm July, the world is getting mad about fracking and some more unusual uses for solar energy. More …

We Can Create

The final We Can Create countdown is on


Well folks, when we first started talking about mega design and creative event We Can Create it felt like it was ages away but, as it’s famed for doing, time has crept up on us (in an exciting kind ... More …