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Wynyard winning?


As a city, Auckland isn’t exactly famed for getting it right when it comes to tasteful design and development principles, but could its latest waterfront development finally see it heading in the right direction? Wynyard Quarter has been open ... More …

Product Design

Grow your bike, ride your bike

Fancy cruising around on this not so bad boy but very practical bike? Fashioned sustainably from bamboo, the bike, a finalist in the Australian round of the 2011 James Dyson Award, is the creation of Australian student designer Alexander Vittouris ... More …

Electric Vehicles

EECA introduces efficiency labels for electric cars


They've been around since 2008 so it's common enough to see fuel economy labels on new petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. But ever seen a similar label for electric vehicles? In a move that bodes well for the growth ... More …


Absolut shakin’ it up for Fashion Week

How do you make vodka that much more fashionable? Absolut has an idea or two and it’s strutting those ideas around as part of the upcoming New Zealand Fashion Week. The vodka brand has announced plans for its 2011 ... More …

Innovation of the day: Rollerblades

So there's some wheels arranged in a line on a boot. The wheels will help you get places faster. Or think of it as ice skating during warmer weather. More …


We need not look far for seismic technology solutions

If we want cost-effective earthquake resistant technology with which to rebuild Christchurch with, we need not look far according to the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, who say the solutions lie in base isolation and Precast Seismic Structural System ... More …

The world’s largest stop-motion animation

Remember Dot, the smallest-ever stop-motion animation? Riding high on the success of that short film, Nokia decided to give the N8 another workout and have a shot at creating the largest stop-motion instead. More …


A stroke of paint genius

When it comes to environmental sustainability the paint industry certainly has a lot to consider. Paint company Resene however has been chipping away at various sustainability initiatives for quite some time and its latest environmental accreditation has earned it a ... More …


A quick and comprehensive typography guide


According to the mystery designer behind this fabulous infographic, known only as ‘Noodler’, 95 percent of typography is graphic design therefore “treat it well”. More …

Trip of a lifetime

Fancy heading on an expedition to Antarctica?

Now here’s a truly fantastic opportunity for a young’un to head to awe-inspiring Antarctica with none other than polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan, all thanks to the folks at Pure Advantage. Swan is heading the expedition to ... More …