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Product Innovation

The super car of hybrids


Let’s face it. Hybrid cars aren’t ordinarily designed to look crash hot—or resemble the epitome of speed. But if any manufacturer was to have a go at making a hybrid car that drives as fast as it ... More …


Why our future lies in NZ Food Inc


Farmers occupy a strange position, writes Jacqueline Rowarth: recognised for their key role in the economy, yet blamed for rising food prices and environmental impacts. More …

Innovation/Product Design

Specs that read your mind. Really

Finally, a pair of mind-reading glasses! Well, not quite, but Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab has developed a pair of “social X-ray glasses” that are designed to decipher emotions via facial expressions and could change the way we ... More …


Envisage 6: Designing for virtual worlds

The next Envisage presentation series focuses on developments and opportunities in designing for virtual worlds. Guest speaker is Science & Technology Academy Award winner Sebastian Marino. Marino will be joined by Images & sound general manager Melanie Langlotz and InGame Director and ... More …


It ain’t the Hilton

Rock it Suda is a novel (to put it mildly) hotel located on the outskirts of Jeongseon in South Korea. Throwing away any notion of convention, Korean architect Hoon Moon has created these guest houses made up of six separately ... More …


Shop bilingual

For the second year in a row Countdown, Foodtown and Woolworths stores are taking a bilingual approach to advertising in support of Maori language week, something Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (the Maori Language Commission) says is perhaps ... More …


Tiny Kiwi school grabs environmental first

A nationwide environmental education programme is supporting student-led sustainability initiatives, and one tiny area school in Northland has just received one of its top awards for their whole-school approach. More …


Combing bikes into place


Well, where would we be without a weekly dose of novel design? This particular art piece was created for the city of Roanoke in the US. The bike stand was designed by Knowhow Shop LA and it weighs 181 kgs. More …


Nostalgic music street press steps into the digital age

Today uni kids scour the Internet for the latest beats, read online reviews and share their latest musical finds on all manner of social networking sites. But in Dunedin in the 80s, things were different. New Zealand music was relatively ... More …