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Win! Limited edition Jameson whiskey!

What will you be doing come St Patrick's Day? 

Swilling some fine Irish whiskey – if you're lucky.

Paul Daly, internationally acclaimed Irish designer, has produced a limited edition bottle for Jameson Irish Whiskey ahead of Ireland’s most celebrated day. Inspired by the legendary Celtic illustrations in the historic Book of Kells, it's available in New Zealand now for $62.99.

Part of Irish rock royalty, Daly has worked on U2’s Zoo TV and Popmart tours, and is today famous for designing bars, clubs and restaurants In Ireland and the UK.

“As an Irishman who has spent much of his life living abroad, the opportunity to fuse my interests in Irish culture with art and a truly Irish brand like Jameson was an opportunity I did not want to miss."


We have one bottle to give away. Leave a comment and tell us who your favourite patron saint is and why. Closes March 1, open to NZ residents only.

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San Francisco de Sales - patron saint of writers (we need all the help we can get)..

St Lawrence! (

Why? I found out about him in my first job as a librarian 12 years ago (same age as the Whiskey?) which was incidentally at the Philson Library (Auckland University medical school).

Cool coincidences:
St Lawrence is the Patron Saint of librarians!
St Lawrence's feast day is AUGUST 10, which is also MY birthday AS WELL AS the birthday of Dr Thomas Philson after who the library I worked was named.

The job seemed destined, I'm still a librarian, and 'St Lawrence' consequently retains a special place in my heart.


St. Maelmuire O' Gorman
Because seriously what a name! Also being Abbott of Knock and a poet are the only reasons given for his saintly status

St Patrick - patron Saint of Irelend… - 'cause he was a Scot!

St Patrick…of course lol!!…Paddy has to be the best Saint of all because what other Saint has a day of celebration that is not only celebrated in its country of origin but also WORLDWIDE. The colour green is worn all over the world in association with him and Ireland….and finally and most importantly what other Saint has a day of celebration that involves mast consumption of alcohol and everyone regardless of race, nationality and so on enjoys the friendly atmosphere taken on board this one day of the year ;0)

As an Irishman living in NZ, I'd have to say St. Patrick … as 'saviour' of our once pagan island, instigator of one of the best annual parade/carnival/celebration days around the world, and (allegedly) a fine judge of a neat Irish whiskey, he seems the only choice really.

St Nicholas, there is always a gift :-) ( maybe a bottle of yummy whiskey?)

St Elmo, because he has a cool name and cares for the health of children. Also he's the patron saint of pyrotechnics!

Bakkhos - the honey tongued side of Dionysus who's synonymous with theatre and drunken debauchery. Which, really, go hand in hand.

Plus he has a ridiculous stick for smiting people that mess with him.

As a stage manager who dabbles in production management, he's pretty much the awesome side of what I do. And without the ancient greeks formalising theatre as a form of worship to him, I wouldn't have half as much of an exciting job.

I love Saint Patrick Hes my saint as I was born on March 17th Me granny came from Ireland ( she loved a drink or two) and I need a drink or 10 to soothe ma earthquake shattered nerves..
I promise I wont drink and drive just sit on my porch and think of nice places…… and tell a few porkies

St Augustine of Hippo - Patron Saint of Brewers. Need we say more?

St. Edward Bunting.

(Though you may not know him as such – and I am sort of hoping that you would not be seeking a “saint” as such…given my understanding of your magazine's nature…)

For his contribution towards the preservation of Ireland's national heritage of music through his works: “A General Collection of the Ancient Irish Music,” 1796; “A General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland,” 1809; “A Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland,” 1840; together with his dissertation on the Egyptian, British and Irish Harps, and his notes on ancient Irish Music and Irish Harpers.

In 1792, the Belfast Society sponsored a gathering of Harpers at belfast and commissioned a young musician, Edward bunting (1773–1843), to collect and publish the music and airs they played.

The meeting was attended by “…all the best of the old class of harpers – a race of men then nearly extinct, and now gone forever.”. Denis Hempson, Arthur O'Neill, Charles Fanning and seven others were present, “…the least able has not left his like behind”. (Bunting, 1840).

This meeting of harpers was the last of its kind. Bunting published almost three hundred aires in the three collections of 1796, 1809, and 1840 and saved for posterity an invaluable heritage which would undoubtedly have been lost otherwise.

Bunting's is the last, and only comprehensive effort, to record a dying ancient art and culture, which had been handed down through the centuries, “note for note” from master to pupil.

If a church (of whichever sort) has not declared him a Patron Saint of Music in Ireland (as opposed to St Cecilia, who seems to cover the whole world…), I so declare him such today…!

Would have to be the one and only St Patrick……with all the pleasure that is bought and fun and frivolity had with celebrating St Patricks day around the world! A bottle of Ireland's best, Jameson's would go along way to kick start the celebrations this year in Christchurch! Sláinte

Saint Nicolas - patron saint of Sailors (and you can also pretend he is the Jolly Fat Dude too - which is oddly appropriate, as many sailors are jolly and large)

Saint Monica, Patron Saint of Alcoholics!

This makes me wonder why my Irish catholic mother gave me the middle name of Monica… Was she trying to save me from my future??

Saint Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine of Hippo, whose writings about her are the primary source of our information. A Christian from birth, she was given in marriage to a bad-tempered, pagan named Patricius. She prayed constantly for the conversion of her husband (who converted on his death bed), and of her son (who converted after a wild life). She was the spiritual student of Saint Ambrose of Milan and was, herself, a reformed alcoholic – hence her patronage of alcoholics.

I like them all, and I hope they take it to Collinwood this year! (please, im not catholic, but id love me dome whiskey…)

Saint Francis Xavier, patron saint of New Zealand

St Margaret, patron saint of the disabled. Withthe ageing world population, and with disability increasing with age, we are going to need a whole ton of Saint Margarets. And even more Jameson's!

St Patrick — amongst many, but he wins by a dram, coming into March. My father, of fully Irish breeding died on St Patrick's Day many years ago, which is another reason to raise a glass in memory of a good Hibernian.

The Irish writer-poet Brendan Behan was once banned from taking part in New York's famed St Patrick's day parade on account of his tendency to become over-inebriated, over-exuberant and, ultimately, riotous. He declared that when St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland they all came to New York to become judges!

Actually, after reviewing my poor typing, may I suggest Jude the Apostle - patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes…

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