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Kiwi app out to keep cabbies on the straight and narrow

A brand new Kiwi-developed app promises to keep taxi drivers honest – so even if your final fare induces a minor panic attack, at least you'll know you weren't ripped off.

Created by web design company Born Digital, Taxi Fare Checker keeps tabs on taxi journeys. Enter your flagfall amount and rate per kilometre, and it will calculate what your ride should cost.

 Born Digital founder Brett Hancock says two weeks ago he caught a cab from K Rd to Pt Chev and was charged $23.

"After showing him the app, I got it down to $17!"

The idea hit him, he says, after some particularly hefty fares in and around Auckland and an article about meter fiddling by New York’s yellow taxi drivers, some of whom were arrested for overcharging.

It's Born Digital's first in-house app; the firm has done plenty of digital design and brand work including apps for Allpress, Heart of the City, Good Health and the Tongariro Crossing.

Taxi Fare Checker also shows your journey on a map and shows what the best route might have been, though Hancock admits it would be a brave passenger who strikes up that debate.

Taxi Fare Checker can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for $1.29.

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Why do developers continue to only make their apps for iPhone? I would be more than happy to buy an app like this, but don't own, and don't want to own, an iPhone.

Its cool that they have made this app and others, but its a fail when potential customers are left out in the cold because developers are arrogant to think they only need to build apps for iPhones.

I would agree with Peter - I know at least as many Android users, as IPhone users - and as of last year, Android has achieved just over 50% of the global market share in smart phone - a bigger customer base than IPhone and all others combined!

This blinkered development approach very irritating - and may help explain the declining market share of IPhone!

As a previous Android user I also got very frustrated that developers only created apps for iPhone. So frustrated, in fact, that I bought an iPhone as I was sick of the lack of applications available! The stats show market share is larger for Android than iPhone, so the strategy for all these web developers is interesting. Would be great to know why they choose to do this.
Fantastic idea though! Only thing I would be concerned about is I never know what the cost per km is, so would have to ask the (sometimes intimidating) taxi driver, so I could fill out the app!

Android market share may be larger but there is huge fragmentation of the OS and all the various screen sizes (GUI hell). Many phones are sold to people who do not buy apps or have no clue even what an app is or where they might find them.

Developing for the iOS ecosystem is a much easier process and way more likely to generate revenue. You can google many articles that address this and provide some pretty compelling metrics.

Reasonably sound strategy I'd say.

Great app. Muppet comments. Is this not obvious?
Developing for TWO platforms requires DOUBLE EFFORT/COST/TIME?

Praise the effort/creativity and hope for more.
Be a do-bee!. Don't be a don't-bee!

Good Onya BD

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