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Kiwis work more hours than those in the US (but less than Greece)

Putting in more hours at the office than you'd like? To the average South Korean, it's probably still a short week.

The BBC has come up with a neat visualisation of OECD data on the average number of working hours across 34 developed nations.

At 1758 hours a year – just over the OECD average – Kiwis are putting in more hours than those in the Netherlands, US, and Australia, but working longer doesn't always mean working better.

Nonetheless, the latest Regus work-balance index has found our work-life balance tops the global average even as we work harder and produce more than two years ago.

Flexible workplace provider Regus said New Zealand employees' work-life balance was 126 points, above the global average of 124.

Regus ranked Kiwi productivity at 79 percent, ahead of Australia and the US on 77 percent.

Hours worked by country

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