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Coke gets personal: is your name one of the 150?

Coke nz name bottlesAs brands go, it doesn't get much more multinational than Coca-Cola. But the soft drink giant is getting down with the locals from today, with new bottles on sale from today featuring 150 first names on its famous red labels including Rangi, Hemi, Tamati, Tavita, Sione and Aroha.

Government records were pored over in order to select consistently popular New Zealand names (Jess and Josh were among the most popular), and additional Census data plus input from Maori, Pacific and Asian community groups ensured a spread of extra monikers reflecting our ethnic mix.

You can see all 150 names here.

The multi-million dollar Share a Coke spring campaign by Ogilvy also extends to its cans, which will invite consumers to share Cokes with their mates and bros.

A three-month calendar of nationwide activity includes interactive kiosks that will deliver more than 100,000 personalised Coke bottles and cans through shopping centres and universities, as well as specific grocery-based activations to drive consumers in-store; TV commercials;  out-of-home and targeted proximity advertising to support key Coke retail partners; and a digital campaign, including apps to share virtual Cokes. 

“This is a playful social invitation to Kiwis that puts them front and centre using the power of the first name,” says Brid Drohan-Stewart, Coca-Cola sparkling beverages marketing manager.

“Inspiring Kiwis to connect and re-connect is at the heart of this campaign. Even if they can’t get everyone together face-to-face we want to facilitate sharing online and capture great stories about how Kiwis are connecting over a Coke."

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What about 'natasha' the kiwi mother who died from coke overdose whilst the immoral mutant CEO with all his dirty marketing savvy, spin doctored what 'evidence' was there against autopsies and dr beliefs. Really coke, you should at least gve a tombstone on your coke to Natasha her husband and children. Have a coke. Have a smile:

This is a great marketing move! They start to notice there in Coke that people want to be healthier, eat and drink healthy products, all that reduces the sales, so it's natural for things like this to happen.
People are smarter these days to follow these attractions, I hope kiwi people will stay smart enough to drink pure water and eat healthy food to be the healthiest nation!

What a terrible idea. I hope most people refuse to be manipulated by this multinational and this idea flops like 'New Coke' did once upon a time.

Wtf some of those names are so not the usual, eg hemi. Are you kidding me? Sorry if that's your name but that's not a well known name for gods sake

Probably impossible to do, but man it'd be interesting if the names selected corresponded to Cokes consumers. @Unknown (that's ironic, on an article about names!), err yes it is actually. The aftermath of colonialisation is still alive and well in good old godzone.

BOLLOCKS!! Coke should only be used for a quick pick-me-up and THAT'S IT! oh! what about Cheryl Moana Marie ??? OMG!

ohhh there should be one with kataraina on it. haha. my names never on anything. lol

I want my name to be on the coke so people can share one with me PLEASE!

I want my name on a bottle

i want my name on bottle PLEASE I live in invercargill

Please put my name on a bottle. :D cinnamin waiomio… churp

pleeeeassse put my name on a bottle.

my name is never on anything give me a coke bottle please

pleasse put my name on a bottle :)

pleasssssssseeee put my name on the bottle

I really want my name on a bottle 110% PLEEAASSSEEEE!!!
my name is a very usual name-don't ya think??
Oh yeah, by the way, I live in Auck and thanks

I would love to see my name on a bottle please.

Hey people! How about putting your name on a juice or milk bottle? That would be much healthier!

can you put my name on the coke bottle pleaz
thankz if you do

is my name on a coke I can't find. It if it isn't can you do it.

i would like to no if i can get my son , my name on a coke-cola bottle my sons name is Te Maungarongo and my name is as you can see Huhana

Thank you for sharing this information.




Because my boyfriend wants a coke with my name on

My name is never on anything

Coke, what an insidious, sugar laden, disgusting concoction, Personalise that experience are you kidding me!

Can you pleaseeeeeeee put my name in one of the coke bottle….

can i get a coke bottle with my name on it please???
i really want one!!!
i would be so thankful if you could!!!
thank you.

can you please put vianca or vee
pretty please:)

Can Briar and Allen be on the coke bottles?? :) both common names I'm sure many Will agree!! Plus, these names are never on anything. :)

Hi there I would love to see my kids names on the coke bottles please, Ashlyn, Nicholas, Jaymaly Kumar. Thankz Maria

Can my son's name be on the coke bottles please. I love coke

This is my 3 months old baby's name I'll love to see it on the share a coke bottle please. Thankz Mum

can u plz put my daughters name on th coke, (DAIJAH), her name is different and hardly on anything lol

People with ridiculous made-up names like Vianca, Aisha, Sherene, Alyssa, Karly, and Cinnamin, - your names will never be on anything - as your parents can't spell ! Dumb Arse! And Chelsea - seeing as all Coke products are laden with poisonous sugar from the Chelsea Sugar Works, I think you've got enough infamy to keep you going for quite some time yet….

i want it because i am spelt diffrent and my mum is about to buy me one for my birthday in 3 days so please put my name on the coke bottle

I really want my name on the bottle because you do see Hannah's on the bottle but not Hanna! I don't have an H on the end so yeah!!

please, please, please, so i can keep it as a souvernoir … :)

The best part is it was an idea from an employee lower down the chain and to listen to her and have a god is great. I also think for a company with big brand to actually change their logo to your name is massive!

Can you please put my childrens' and grandchildrens names on the bottles thanks;

Ashley (I think you already have this)
Jamie (I think you have this too)


billie underwood
billie underwood

please put my name on a bottles as i have looked every where for one with my name on and carnt find one please my name is billie

Please could you put 'Cerin' or 'Cezzur' or 'Cez' on a bottle of coke?;)

Dude what?? Ok first of all it's my dads birthday and its Father's Day soon and there's not Dad or Daddy or even Will
Ok I also want one that says Tess or mum or mummy ok then I want one that says bro or Charlie then I want one that says Tom then one that says Millie then one that says Fi then one that says Tilly ill double check if there there but wtf why isn't Charlie on there I know 10 Charlies and why isn't daisy on one just please put them on or ill stop buying coke

I have two sisters that I hardly ever see and I think they would love to have there names on a bottle of coke.
There names are:

Lauren (not sure if they have already)

And their mum:

I would love to have these on one Aswell.

Hey please put my name too on a bottle as thirsty boy.

I want my name too . hehe UnLucky me

This is so awesome. My name in my favorite cold drink. I wish i get under those 150 lucky bottles

In my opinion personalization is the best way to increase sale in company. Coca cola knows well about it. Everybody want's to buy new cola with name on the buttle :) Great move :)

This is why these advertising gimmicks work. People want to see their names on a Coke bottle forgetting that if their names were printed in the first place, it just means their names are generic.

I love this idea but can y'all plzz put my name on the Coca Cola bottle plzz

** Pretty please put my name BLAIR **

baba ki laadli sana
baba ki laadli sana

Plz write

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