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Want to see your name on a Coke bottle?

coke names on bottles nzSome of you lot were unimpressed with the 150 names Coke recently chose to feature on its New Zealand bottles. Well, here's your chance to remedy that: it's on the hunt for another 50 new names and calling on Kiwis to have their say.

“First name fever has hit New Zealand with the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign – we’ve fielded hundreds of requests from people looking for their name and the names of others special to them. We’re now asking New Zealand, whose name should be next?” says Brid Drohan-Stewart, sparkling beverages marketing manager.

“The final selection of the 50 new names will reflect the excitement and passion of our consumers as they nominate and vote to get their favourite person’s name across the line ... Popular names, rare names, unique spellings, ethnic names, nicknames – we’re really excited to see what names are put forward and why."

From midday today until September 23, people can visit to nominate the name of someone they want to ‘Share a Coke’ with. The nomination process includes the opportunity for people to share why the chosen name and person is important to them. From these nominations, a shortlist will go to public vote in October to choose the next 50 names that will feature on a new release of Coke bottles later this year.

The original 150 popular names featured on Coke bottles were identified from years of public records and input from community groups.

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How about “diabetes” or “tooth decay”

Mmm, what about “Fatty”, “Tubby” or just plain “stupid”

Well, “Kane”, obviously.

@Rosie and @Ian, good ideas)) how about “Spoiled health”?))

Please put the Name charlotte on a coke bottle, its an amazing name (:

Please put the name melanie on a coke bottle, its an amazing name (:

There's more sugar in a serve of Phoenix Honey Cola than a Coke, but that's an inconvenient fact.

please put my name on a cola bottle please :)

Please put my name on a Coke bottle too.

please put my name on a coca cola bottle <3 :) !!

please put the name Kaylin on a coke bottle, because my name is not that popular, and because its an amazing name :)

Evania Moore-Rapana

I would really love it if you put Evania on a coke label, I know there aren't many out there but it's a wonderful name, and I would love to share a coke with myself :D

i really think you should put the name ” Eleanor ” on the coke bottle/coke can because I am named after my great nana who passed away and she was an amazing person :-) oh & also because it's a rare name in NZ :-) x hehe

; i reckon you guys should put the name Sreyboe on the coke bottle , cause its a unique name , and no,one in NZ has it, plus it means in Cambodia baby girl, Srey means Girl & Boe means Baby , and well im the baby of my siblings :)


Share a coke with these names Siinga,Rhaymond and Angatha…please!


Rory - It's such a common name :(

blair is a good name you coul share that

my mum lisa has been searching for her name haha it would make her day finding LISA on one of them :)

please put the names





please put

Hunter and Riley on the new name list

please put kaya/nakaya on the new name list.

please put this name on a coke bottle because this name goes with pretty much everything and its a cool name

Because i am really nice and when ever i go to the supermarket i look for my name and there is none there

please put this name

my name is the best

please put my name plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

my tongan name plzzz

Please, add my name. There are a few of us in New Zealand who share this name as well as across the world :)

Please add my name on a coke bottle.. :)

plz put the name lee

plz put my name on a coke bottle plz jeneffer


i wanna see my name!! :)))))) PLEASE! <3

How about Lucas and Daniel, my boys are constantly looking for their names but can never see them.

please put this name on please i betted my sister that ill get it on please it'l make me so happy

We have got Ash ( my daughters name is Ashleigh) and we have had Sean (my Sons name is Shaun), but we now need Carol and my other sons name Chris and our family will be complete.

We have got Ash ( my daughters name is Ashleigh) and we have had Sean (my Sons name is Shaun), but we now need Carol and my other sons name Chris and our family will be complete.

put on gizzle

Can you please put my beautiful kids names on a coke bottle please? :)


You should put angelia on some bottles….chur

Hey can i get my name done please :) That would be soo awesome to see my Name on the Coke Bottles :P Share a Coke with Ryka. .

i would love to get my families names, especially my daughter , as she has a unique name, and mine, as my spelling used to be rare, now its common place

are my suggestions

please put pierce on a coke bottle

Please put the name hunter on them

please put my name onthe coke bottle it would mean so much to me :)

please please please put robert ona coke bottle!

but shaunie on a coke!!!!

and laityn


Chicken Nugget

Please put my name as there is nothing in my name :)

please put my name on here my name is chontelle harris

for it is my grandmomas name in heaven, so please:)

please put my name on a coke bottle my name is Kerry. please thanks :) !!

I really want my name on the coke thanks

My name is not on a coke bottle thanks

Please put my name on a coke bottle :) :)

can u please put athena-jean on a coke bottle please

Hi, I would love to have a coke bottle with my name on it, please!
I just want my name; Aisha!!! Please!

Hi I really want a coke with my name se they have Jordan with and A but i need one with a Y please please please please !!!!

Hi I really want a coke with my name se they have Jordan with and A but i need one with a Y please please please please !!!!

Please can you put bayley on one because it is a really weird and unusual name especially spelt with a 'Y' instead of a 'I' and if you can please send it to pak'n save northland.
thanks so much,
Bayey : ]

I love coke

Please if you decide to put this 3 names on share a coke please can you send it to the supermarket around manukau please, Ashlyn Kumar, Nicholas Kumar, Jaymalyn Kumar Thankz Maria

I was named Billie after my sister who passed away when she was 5 years old, people always comment on my name being a “boys” name, even though it ends with an “ie”.

Would also love to see my name on coke bottle as many others do too :) make it happen for me please!

hi i would love tohavemy nameon the coke cola bottles please thank you i have been looking for my name on the bottles but couldnt find it so please put my name on the bottle thnaks and put this name on too larissa sinea nikki thanks

please i really want my name on coke…..please.

Can i have my name on a coke please and a coke bottle that says Homie on it fank you your the best

i would luv 2 have mi name on the coke bottles then i would buy it every day ;););););););););););););););):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it would be mean to see mine name on r coke bottle

please please put my name on all my cuzzys are on it!

CAn you please put Kruz's name on a bottle.

can you please put kalopeau on a coke bottle.

Please please please put the nameno TILLEYENIE on a bottle theres

Please :)

I really think that you should put the name brodie on some bottles because it is becoming a really popular name.

Share a coke with these people's name on a can Rickal, Maria, Kimi, Ben, Mihi, Peni

I think you should put my name on all of the bottle because I share a coke with my friends.

Please would love to see the name's of Bronwyn, Bryah & Linda. The first two are never seen on anything, so it would be nice.

Sandra Barclay-Graham

I would like my son's name Sebastian on a coke bottle for him for Xmas

mystic :) and roimata :) and tilisi :)

i would really like to see my name on the bottle

Please put my name sharon on a coke bottle :)

I would like my name Nirav to be on a coke bottle please :D

They are a friends children and it would be great to see and special for,and we drink lots of coke!!!!!!!

Please put Gin on a bottle or Virginia
& Makiyla for my daughter :) we're the only ones in the family that can't get our names.

Please put Raay and Leigh-Anah on a coke bottle :)

Please put on mikayla please please thx heaps🐬

Can you please put - Shay on a COKE bottle..

Love the names on the coke bottles
Really would like to see Darcy


Hi there can u plz put our names on a coke bottle I reccomend this to all kiwis b coz its amazing n a good idea. For us as kiwis thank you coke cola for this amazing opportunity.

please put cassy :)

I drink lots of coke with my bourbon, it would be great to have my name on the coke bottle :-)

Please put, Share a coke with Sharon

Please also can you put,

Share a coke with Samuel

Share a coke with Rachel

Share a coke with Sally

Share a coke with Silvia

Share a coke with Tyler

Share a coke with Kathleen

Share a coke with Jeremy

Share a coke with Toby

If you can please put all these names on coke bottles that would be cool, too Thanks from Sharon. :)

hi my name is SHEKIA every one is always telling me an my sisters we have beautiful name yet they are the most uncommon name ever like my name SHEKIA an my three sisters names REREMOANA , SIULANGI , and MARGARET and i never see the name ARIAN seplt like this ARIANNAH.


I wondering if I could have a bottle sent to address 36 ropes creek rd mt druitt 2770

I would like to see you put name's like



Are you still taking submissions !???
I have my daughters name, Phoebe-Rose. but would love my oldests son's name Trinity… it is more common than you think!
Also can I ask why you have spelt ZACH with an H?? thats CH like Cheese!! my son's name is ZAC without a H!!
I have to comment on the fact that your kiosks are only in Auckalnd, what good is that to the rest of the country???

Plz put Samantha for me and Elyjah and Jeremiah for my two boys;) Thankyou


Please put my name, JAUNITA on one :( i never get things with my name on it!

Hi Team Coke,
it would be awesome of you guys if you would
consider putting Jaxon on a bottle, this is my sons name and he
so wants his own bottle . He keeps asking if i have found one for him yet , so if you could this would make his day.

thank you for considering
regards Debbie

From midday today until September 23, people can visit to nominate the name of someone they want to ‘Share a Coke’ with”

People commenting on this thread really need to read the article – posting your name here doesn't get it on a Coke bottle and the offer was only until September 23.

Make a Nathania or a Nia

hey I would like the name KERRY on the coke bottles please I never see my name on anythng with writing on it like this so plzzzzzzzzzzzz

i want the name “Dino” to be there too

If you cant put Donnelle on a bottle then maybe you could put Dee as alot of people who are named Dion, Danny, Donna are nicknamed Dee. Thanx

hi just asking if its possible to have my name and these other names on a bottle or 1 of these name to be on a bottle it will be much appreciated to me and my hubby an children…

share a coke with









these past couple of months have'nt been the greatest for us but it would put a smile on my face and my famlies face to see one of their names on a coke bottle or can.god bless you'es all..

plz put my name on one

Can you name a bottle with “Charntal” on it pleasse. My names spelt differently to most “shontell's” or “chantal's” would be cool to see mine up on a coke, Thanks!

And a “chardaye” as that's my baby sisters name, so yeah a “charntal” and “chardaye” would be cool! Thanks!

would like to see my name 'janah' on a bottle but because u dont see my name very often i probably wont see it on a coke bottle

can you please put my sons name on please

MASSIE is a very nice English name which is nice and beautiful. Please put this name on the Coke cans. Thank you.

can u please shareacoke with any of these names



Can u please put Shaquille on a coke bottle Thankyou

I think you should share a coke with:

Astley not Ashley!!! AsTley

Thank you :-)

Can you guys please put the name 'Anastasia' on your coke bottles/cans? it'd be really sweet :~) thank you!

Please can you put the name 'Diana' on a coke bottle for my best friend, she can never find anything with her name on and I'd really like it if, just this once, she could have something that says her name.

Please could you put my name SASHA on a coke bottle please :-) as I can never find my name on anything

It would also be great if you could put my daughters name TALIYAH on a coke bottle too as its a bit of an unusual name :-) thanks

i would love to see my name melody on a bottle as the name is NEVER on anything, but even if it was just mel, i would be happy!

Hello; can you please put 'leia' on the coke bottle, please..
And 'lilymay' is this is possible.. Thank you.

Demi and Chantelle

Demi  Greggain
Demi Greggain

Demi and Chantel

Can get a lot of uncommon names but can't get Jayne or Jane? Would also like to see Alana and Matthew (there is only Matt)

Katelan Cottrell
Katelan Cottrell

Hello can you please put Katelan on a coke bottle and Gemma if okay thank you x

terriann vining
terriann vining

Please are names Terriann, Skie, Summer and cameron PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees thanks

If it is possible please can you put Georgia on a coke bottle and Ellie and jack and Leah and Ethan and Kyle and Alice thanks


Firstly, it says: “people can visit to nominate the name of someone”, not “post your suggestion below”, and secondly, this closed off last year in September.

Do you people not read?!

As my name is a different one i hardly see anything with my name on them my sisters do and everyone else i know i love drinking coke its my fave drink i would love to see my name on something so plz plz put my name on something thank youxx

Adam Montgomery
Adam Montgomery

Hello i would like to see Julie and Toni on a bottle please

heyyyy! i think it would be great to put names that are common so alot of ppl buy them. as we live in a multicultural society in the uk, names for different ethnicitys. when i go to the shop to buy a cocacola most of the names are white dominated but i may be wrong if i am lease correct me. many thanks. also my special requests for names is simran, kiran manisha. hope to see u add more ethnical names :) x

PLEASE PUT ON DANIELLA, JADE AND TRAVIS ON A BOTTLE. we've looked everywhere, thanks.

Would you pleae put connor on the bottle =)

darietka grisane
darietka grisane

Please put my name Darietka on the bottle . :)

Please put “Patricia”, “Patii” or “Exzavier” on a Coke bottle (: Please and Thank You <3

Put brad on the bottles it's a popular name

Please add my name DAWN on a coca cola bottle pretty please xx:-D

Gabbie♡ Bryant
Gabbie♡ Bryant

Add my name Gabbie cause it would be amazing and add my boyfreiend aswek fuller cause i would buy them woop

add the names SASHA and MORGAN but make sure you put sasha there are many people with that name. it would be amazing if you could, i would buy them i a shop


I want to see ellie on a coke bottle have got the whole familys names accept ellie my little cousine please put her name one a coke bottle

Please could you put sasha on a coke bottle

It would be amazing if you could because i've been looking everywhere for my name and i cant find it.

Thanks! 😄😃😀😊😀😃😄

Please, please, please, please, please , make a coke with the name Angie on it. Please :)

Can you please put my best friends name “Angie and Khadijah” :D

Could you please put my friends and my name on it please
“Sav & Angie” ♥_♥

Please, please can you make a coke bottle with the name Angie on it, my name is already on the bottles and I would love if hers was too…please, please, please :)

Hi, my sister has been looking everywhere for a coke with her name and she just found out that they haven't made one with her name. Its her birthday soon and I would love to give it to her as a present, so please Share a coke with Angie! :)

I really wnt to see my name on a coke bottle….please could you put my name on a coke bottle i would be greatful iv been looking everywhere for it ……name irum xxxxxx

Please please please put Joan on a bottle

I think coke should put 'cally' on a bottle the name cally is never on anything

pleaseeee put the name malena on a coke bottle, i never see it on anything :(

Can you put;
Share a coke with Jayne, on a bottle of coke please, only because its a unusual spelling. Can you also do; Share a coke with Melanie, I also can not find it, and Share a coke with Pocknell, please, thank you, I'm trying to do something for my friend for her birthday I will be really grateful.

kym maxwell-perrin
kym maxwell-perrin

I would love to see the names

kym with the (y)

and for my aunty

the name dallas
many thanksx

Can you put my name on a coke bottle?
I am only a 9 year old and upset I'm not on a bottle…yet

and my name is never on anything!
at all!

i want my name on a cokr bottle spelt correctly not amy aimee.

ment coke

Kayleigh Celecia
Kayleigh Celecia

Hi one question. I foundthat my name was on a coke. But my husband is the kind of guy who drinks about 3-4 bottles a day and i would like to know if you could put his name on a coke hi name is KIRK

Can you put the names:


These names are common but never seen these names.

Adele, Florent, Zayn, Niall and Karl ?

Please do share a coke with bella because the
Name bella never gets used on anything so
Please do the name bella!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks. Team coke , from bella

i would love to see sadie on a coke bottle you can never get my name on nothing unless you wrote it on xx thank you

Plz put my name :(

Please share coke with my name Olwakhe thank

Share coke with my name (Olwakhe) thank you.

I want to see my name on a coke bottle frm: SA

Hey my name is dikeledi can u pls put my name on coca cola bottle pls u can write nono,dikeledi or Vida

Hey…I'm a coke-aholic hehe sO Plz plz pretty please put my name on a coke can or bottle??? Thanks Mandi!!*..

Halo, can you please put Lee on a coke bottle? My fiancé is like a little child when we buy a coke and there is no Lee on a coke

Please can you put the name
On a share a coke bottle?

Can you put Athena, Natasha, Timothy, Luke,Jacqueline,

Please put Carol on a coke bottle! I drink coke all the time an I think it would be awesome to have my name I it. I'm 17 years old and I don't know anyone my age with the same age, also I was named after my grandma who unfortunately passed away before I was born. Please please put my name on a bottle!!!!:)

Donate Life or Aubrey
My name is Aubrey and I've been waiting 10yrs for a kidney transplant. I'm all about getting the word out there about organ & tissue donation not only for myself but others. Through the years I've lost many friends due to the lack of donors. Please think about it. Thanks much!

I would love to have a bottle with Tayleigh on it for her bday which is July 21st. I gave her that name and she hates it because she can never find anything with her name! I would love to have one also for my other daughter Jenna. And mine Cynthia. Thanks so much!! I hope it's possible thank you!!!

Can Y'all Put “Keylin ” My Name In A Bottle?

Plz use these names also on the Coke bottles
Thank you

Y'all need to put NIKKI on a coke bottle cause not many people spell it that way!!!!!!!!!

shantalle harmon
shantalle harmon

You should have shantalle on a bottle please it would make me so happy to have my name on the bottle and its also on my bucket list !!!!

Havan, it's the same as Haven, but differently spelled :p

Leigha This is such an uncommon name, and people who have this name would love for it to be on there!! Thanks!

Desiree Williams
Desiree Williams

Please put Desiree and Desmond on a Coke Bottle. Thank You!

What about Treasa……. ?!?!?!

i would like a coke bottle with the name “Bertha” pleeaaassee!!!! thank you!!

Corrine Phillips
Corrine Phillips

my name Ian Corrine and i love my best friend so much she helped me get through a tough time so could you put hrs name on a bottle :-) her name is Tonia x


Please put my name on a Coke bottle my name is so unique it's N'Dia but pronounced like (India) please this is a one time thing for me and my Bestfriend Biianca thanks so much please take it into consideration

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