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If you can't (or won't) grow a mo this month, then there's always the option of wearing one around your neck. Otago Polytechnic design student Daniel Goodman has come up with these Movember necklaces, which the 20-year-old says are a stylish and easy alternative for people to support prostate cancer without attempting to cultivate a mo of their own.

The necklaces are made from laser-cut acrylic and come in five shapes - handlebar, Fu Manchu, Dali, walrus and Stalin.

"The handlebar is definitely proving to be the most popular style so far.”
He's donating $2 from each $15 necklace to the Movember cause.
“I approached the Movember team early on when I came up with the concept, and they were really supportive of it,” he says. “It’s cool to be able to create a fun fashion product that is also generating funds for a really worthwhile cause.”

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