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Mobile traffic now 35 percent of all Trade Me visits

Auction giant Trade Me says more than a third of its visitors use the site on a mobile device, almost double what it was this time last year. 

Trade Me released this information as a part of its half-yearly report, which saw the company rake in net profits of $37.4 million in the past six months.

According to Nielsen Online, Trade Me received around 7 million unique browsers in January, meaning almost 2.45 million of them were on a mobile device.

(Chart: Percentage of Trade Me visits via mobile between July 2011 and January 2013. Source)

Mobile sessions include the touch version of the website, and Trade Me's iOS and Android apps. When Trade Me first launched its iPhone app in 2010, only 1.8 percent of visits were through a mobile device.

Not unexpectedly, Trade Me says mobile user behaviour is very different to what occurs on the desktop, and mobile users spend far less time on the site.

Trade Me says it's investing more in its core business, and a part of this is expanding the mobile and technology teams within the business. 

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And yet it is still the most dire browsing experience on the entire web when viewing on smartphone and iPad.


Ha your comment made me laugh, was just thinking the same thing! Anyone who has tried to view the property or car sections on an iPad and lasted more than 5 minutes before giving up has my respect.


And what's also interesting beyond aggregate numbers is how the mix changes over the time of day…as you'd expect mobile use is typically highest in the early morning and evening and also on the weekends.

I saw some really interesting data from recently too which talked to the trends they are seeing in mobile use. I can't find the link right now, but as I recall they are seeing more mobile traffic than desktop traffic on the weekends (including tablets I guess).

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