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App review: HabitRPG rewards your good habits

As the name suggests, this app is about turning your good habits into a role playing game and rewarding them. HabitRPG started life as a website and has now spawned free versions for iOS and Android.

Once you sign up you're given a character brandishing a training sword and can customise its appearance; although it has to be said that the graphics are very, er, 2D.

From there you punch in what you want to achieve - the app suggests some worthy goals like eating less junk food and taking the stairs, reading for 45 minutes a day and exercising regularly. Then you enter rewards of our own choosing, and the ones your character needs to progress, like a wooden shield (that requires 20 points) a proper sword (20 points) leather armour (30 points) or potion (25 points).

You can also use the app to record daily to do lists.

Gamified apps - those that offer levels, badges, points and statuses - to reward things we achieve in life and work - aren't new. But the even geekier concept of taking productivity into the world of role playing games is a creative and worthy spin on the genre, if only to remind us of the need for work/life balance.

This app just doesn't quite look the part.

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Could you perhaps change the link within the article to the HabitRPG website rather than the iOS app?

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