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Earth Hour - all you need to know for 2013

From the streets of downtown Auckland to a candlelit barn dance in rural Selwyn, Kiwis across the country will be celebrating Earth Hour alongside hundreds of millions of people worldwide on March 23 at 8.30pm. More …


Women in business: walking the talk

'Walking the Talk' is the theme of the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Women’s Business Conference, and indeed, there's a pretty high calibre of speakers on the bill. More …

Evolving more crop per drop

Irrigation has always been vital to agriculture, but access to water, and ways to maximise its effectiveness, have changed over the years. Landcare Research soil scientist Dr Carolyn Hedley charts an irrigation evolution. More …


Review: Sony Xperia Z


The Sony Xperia Z mixes beautiful design on the outside with powerful electronic gadgetry on the inside. The phone gives Samsung a run for its money in the Android market and asks Apple the awkward question: "when are you gonna ... More …

All Good and ethically superior to boot


All Good Organics enjoyed a stonking big win today as the first (and only) New Zealand company to be named one of the world's most ethical companies by New York's Ethisphere Institute. More …

Inside: Custard Square Gaming

Chris Bulman, studio director of Auckland-based game development shop Custard Square, talks to Idealog about the New Zealand game industry, the development of niche gaming titles, and how soccer moms keep his business afloat. More …