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Marketing with a conscience

In addition to the usual suspects of ‘market share’, ‘customer retention’ and ‘campaign ROI’, warm-and-fuzzies such as as ‘lives changed’, ‘worthwhile causes supported’ or ‘communities improved’ were cited at the Marketing Association's first ‘Not-For-Profit’ event last week. More …

Lifehack: tackling youth mental health head on


Wanted: young thinkers, doers and change makers with the creative, digital and business chops and the drive to help tackle youth mental health issues head on through government-funded Lifehack. More …

Infographic: the Urban Twictionary

Social media marketing is rife with buzzwordery. Here's Marketo's Urban Twictionary (warning: reading it may well lower your IQ by a few points). More …

Interior Design

Top trends in kitchen design for 2013

Renee Hytry-Derrington swooped into town this week as part of the global 100 year celebrations of the Formica brand. As the VP of design for Fletcher Building Laminates and Panels, her role involves a mix of design development for Formica ... More …


Capital, constraints and crowdfunding

As a reader of Idealog, you know better than most that New Zealand startups are building a reputation for innovation, rapid growth and international success. More …