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Serious Kiwi talent to shine at Times Square

A trio of "seriously talented" Kiwi students will do New Zealand proud in the Big Apple this month, with their winning works set to be the centrepiece of a digital exhibition on one of the biggest and most recognisable digital ... More …

Friday Frivolities: What we thought of the internet in 1991


Idea of the internet considered "mind-boggling" and improbable in 1991.

(The Sun) 

Korean pop song Oppa Gangnam Style takes world by storm. (Read all about Gangnam Style here.)


When Vogue's copy editors get it wrong, they get it really, really wrong.

(The Grindstone)

The cast of Mad Men does Rick Astley

Wash ALL the things!


Integrated shower head promises, worryingly, to 'offer pleasure', but the idea behind the Washit is still solid and smart. More …

Now we are all designers


Designers are everywhere, and they now come in all shapes and forms, writes DNA's Grenville Main. More …

Jaws of life

We grow up fearing these monsters of the deep – but chances are we do more harm to sharks than they do to us More …