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Has Facebook grown too big to survive?


Some say Facebook has grown too fast for its own good, and its tanking stock price only serves to underscore the naysayers. At HBR, Jeff Stibel argues that Facebook is now too big to last. More …

Cigarette packaging war heats up


British American Tobacco recently took the unusual step of launching an ad campaign to state its case against the plain cigarette packaging proposal and now it has launched the next phase of its campaign focusing on the issues it believes ... More …

Product Design

A bike that grows with you


The problem with kids is that they outgrow everything. Clothes. Toys. And bicycles. In response to that latter problem, Spain's Orbea has designed a line of bikes that can grow along with their riders. More …

Claim4Car smooths the insurance claim process

Messy, stressful and nasty, car prangs are a reality of modern life, and dealing with the aftermath a necessary evil. So it's not entirely surprising that Tower says the response to its Claim4Car app, launched in late July, has ... More …

Solar power goes mainstream at the red sheds


A new initiative is launching today with the aim of encouraging more Kiwis to use solar systems in their homes – while solar power has largely been sidelined as a bit of a hippie niche, it doesn't get much more ... More …

CropLogic wins inaugural A/NZ Smartcamp

Agritech company CropLogic is the winner of the first IBM SmartCamp for Australia and New Zealand, part of the Global Entrepreneur Program for startup companies. More …