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We all make mistakes – but should you always own up?


Making blunders in the workplace is best avoided – it’s work, we’re paid to do something and we should (in theory) do it well. However, we’re human and screwing up occasionally is one of life’s novelties. More …


Parnell’s new über-green Geyser building


One hundred percent fresh air, a machine that parks your car for you, and an office that stays cool without air conditioning – the future is here, and if the Geyser building in Parnell is anything to go by, it’s ... More …

Gaming’s growth paves the path for digital exports

Almost all of the New Zealand gaming industry's revenue in the past year came from exports, with success stories like SmallWorlds gaining a million new users in less than three months after launching in Brazil in May and role-playing ... More …

Taking care of bees-ness

Our Pollinators In Chief are under threat. So what are we doing about protecting this flying national treasure and source of more than just something we spread on our bread? David Paterson shares the buzz. More …

Has Facebook grown too big to survive?


Some say Facebook has grown too fast for its own good, and its tanking stock price only serves to underscore the naysayers. At HBR, Jeff Stibel argues that Facebook is now too big to last. More …

Cigarette packaging war heats up


British American Tobacco recently took the unusual step of launching an ad campaign to state its case against the plain cigarette packaging proposal and now it has launched the next phase of its campaign focusing on the issues it believes ... More …

Product Design

A bike that grows with you


The problem with kids is that they outgrow everything. Clothes. Toys. And bicycles. In response to that latter problem, Spain's Orbea has designed a line of bikes that can grow along with their riders. More …

Claim4Car smooths the insurance claim process

Messy, stressful and nasty, car prangs are a reality of modern life, and dealing with the aftermath a necessary evil. So it's not entirely surprising that Tower says the response to its Claim4Car app, launched in late July, has ... More …