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Furniture design

Shiver me timbers: edgy industrial pieces for your home


Does industrial furniture make your heart skip a beat? What about recycled timber and sustainably-managed macrocarpa and pine? Then you'll love Primary, a new Auckland brand specialising in bespoke furniture for the home. More …

From Mountain Buggy to LeisurePod

Mountain Buggy founder Allan Croad is back with the LeisurePod, an all-in-one trailer solution for transport, storage and even camping. More …

Alec Ross on the good, bad and ugly of e-diplomacy

It is a scientifically proven fact (or will be, once somebody gets around to studying it) that the internet favours extremes. Trolls (like spammers) are inescapable. And as Alec Ross said in his keynote address to the Project Revolution conference ... More …


When do you need a business advisor?


You don’t need to collect a full set of business advisors (tech, industry, product, customer, etc). But when you stay focused on the problems your company has, advisors can be a uniquely fast and cheap way to overcome them. More …


Volkswagen peels off with supreme TVNZ-NZ Marketing award

The TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards turned 21 this year, and marked its newly minted adulthood with a new central theme of Everything Marketing and eight new categories, including financial, technology, automotive, utilities/communications, lifestyle/travel/leisure and sponsorship. More …

Offshore wind a major resource


It’s good to see the steady progress in the development of wind energy in New Zealand, although it seems to arouse little excitement in government circles, which reserve most of their interest for further fossil fuel development. More …