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Bottled water, now with added special effects

New Zealand-owned Water Buddies has just launched a new flavoured water variant - named Just Like Lemonade - and it comes in a bottle with a label that uses glow in the dark ink technology. More …


Microsoft sounds warning to XP users

Microsoft has revealed the number of Kiwi PCs still running its Windows XP operating system, which is now 13 years old. It estimates 377,000 machines are running XP, including a quarter of all types of PCs used by Kiwi ... More …


The Wrap: 6 November

This week we uncover a site for venting frustration over spying, phone chargers finally get some personality, bitcoin traders get the convenience of an ATM and a PC maker asks, 'what's that smell?' More …

The business case for Martin Jetpack

The Martin Jetpack will be a game-changer for light aviation and since its unveiling it has generated a lot of press to that end, writes Oliver Bruce. More …