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Idealog—in the ideas business

IdeaForge and the quest to build an ‘engine of creation’


Some people generate ideas as naturally and frequently as others change their socks – but they're not always the best candidate to actually follow through. Connecting ideas with doers and the necessary resources to make them happen is the driving ... More …


The Wrap: 5 February

This week's Wrap is full of YouTube surprises, a smartphone case that shows its sensitive side, some smart pants for sporty types and an app that banishes sexism. More …

In business, the middle is your worst enemy

When retailers do what everyone else is doing they become the same as everyone else. And when everyone is doing the same thing there is no advantage, no differentiation, no reason for a shopper to turn left or right or ... More …

Is Bitcoin right for your business?


Can you afford to ignore Bitcoin? That's the question many businesses are asking themselves. A handful of New Zealand companies have already embraced it, and more will no doubt follow. More …