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Ricoh gets early slice of 3D printer action


Ricoh New Zealand is looking to steal a march in the local 3D printing market by partnering with major US player Makerbot to bring three of its products here. More …

The origins of common UI symbols

You 'read' these without a second thought on a daily basis - the symbols for 'play', 'power', 'Bluetooth' and more. But what's the story behind these now-ubiquitous icons? More …

ATEED’s vision for a smarter city


ATEED chief executive Brett O'Riley has articulated a five-year vision for a new Auckland that's better connected and poised to thrive in the 21st century. More …


The Wrap: 11 December

This week in The Wrap there's a quick way to stalk Santa, a San Francisco agency has something to hide on Google Maps, Microsoft holds the Key to Erebor and the GER sweater is a new way to wear ... More …


App review: Word Lens

Word Lens sounds a little nerdy, but there's no doubting its cool factor. It takes printed words and tells you what they mean, all within an image on your smartphone. More …


Win! Employed but Under Fire


Is your job a living hell? Do you dread going into work in the morning? Is your boss causing you sleepless nights? Or is your working environment literally making you ill? More …


Frustration the mother of invention for 96black’s Roll

In true startup style, frustration with what was available to manage business processes at their digital creative agency drove Tristan Marris and Mark Osborne to create something that better suited their needs. More …

Banishing the shame around business failure

In the past we’d write somebody off for having tried, and been not successful in a new business venture – these days we’re much more inclined to encourage them to dust themselves off, and get on with something else. More …