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The Wrap: 22 January

In The Wrap this week, there's robot heroes taking the place of humans, Coinye gets served, some Vine magic and the happy meeting of pet selfies and superpowers in the app world. More …


Game universe rebrands, shoots for new stars

The company that started out as Podscape and created the kids' gaming world Big Little Bang has a new identity and is developing more games for tweens and teens. More …

Auckland pushes for Lean Startup Machine


Support is building for the Lean Startup Machine entrepreneur workshops to launch in New Zealand, with more than 70 signed up using a web page to 'unlock' the city. More …

Multitude wants to be your crowdfunding fairy godmother

Crowdfunding is officially mainstream. Celebrities see it as a path to creative control; your run-of-the-mill entrepreneurs without an A-list network see it as a way to build a support community and the most viable way to find financial backing. But ... More …


Dotcom’s music service teases details


The look and functionality of Kim Dotcom's long awaited music service Baboom has been revealed and so far it's a showcase of the internet entrepreneur and his album Good Times. More …