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Wakaaranga School scores a makeover

BotanyLife Community Church in Auckland runs a recurring ‘Community Project’ as part of their “go and do” identity – imagine Mucking In meets Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Community pastor Mark van Wijk talks about the importance of getting their hands dirty ... More …

Review: Airmail app for Mac

Email clients are the bane of my work life. The which comes with my MacBook Pro is a horrible clunky mess, Outlook is no better and Sparrow – which I was using until very recently – has become synonymous with ... More …


Win! Māori alphabet blocks


July 1 marks the start of Māori Language Week in New Zealand and we have the ideal giveaway for anyone who wants to teach their tots Te Reo. More …


Slingshot risks the wrath of Big Media with Global Mode


Internet service provider (ISP) Slingshot is pushing the boundaries and risks stirring up the wrath of the TV and movie industry with its Global Mode product, which helps users circumvent location-based restrictions placed on overseas content. More …