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Review: Super Planner

If you regularly plan events as part of your job, you probably need some kind of portable system for keeping track of everything. That’s where Super Planner comes in. More …


Branding: Where the rubber meets the road


The internal and external brand. Google it and you’ll be told everything and more about whether these should be the same, different or something in between. It'll will depend on the nature of the business you are in ... More …


Level 13, the real-life survival/horror video game


The elevator will take you 13 levels below ground, to a darkened facility. You walk in with your rifle held high, check your corners, and turn just in time to see the monstrous, alien face of your enemy before it ... More …

Fancy water gets fancier

French bottled water Perrier is getting extra fancy this year with limited edition bottles inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol hitting the shelves as part of the brand’s 150th anniversary celebrations. More …


Best Design Awards finalists announced

There are beer bottles shaped like reptiles, luxury kayaks, compact campervans and state-of-the-art paintball guns among the finalists of this year’s Best Design Awards. More …

Patents are a virtue

AJ Park patent specialists Anton Blijlevens and Mike Biagio touch on some of the interesting patents to look out for on the shelves. More …


You’re never too old to play – or invent

A new word game has launched in toy stores nationwide. New tabletop games launch all the time, so what’s the big deal? The game’s inventor is a 69-year-old woman from Howick, Auckland. More …