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Case study: Fairfax for the future

by FairFax Media

With a media landscape ever-more fragmented and competitive, Fairfax Media is rising to the challenge with an approach that puts the customer at the heart of everything it does – introducing total audience delivery and an integrated marketing team. more...

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Do you have a business plan or startup plan?

by Nicolai Thomson

Most founders assume a business plan is their first priority, but a startup plan will help you define a lasting vision, says LendYour founder and CEO Nicolai Thomson. more...

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The Idealog Guide to Megatrends

by Idealog

Technology megatrends constantly shape businesses around the globe? So which ones should Kiwi CEOs and entrepreneurs be keeping an eye on? Our megatrends guide delves into cloud computing, 3D printing, big data and more. more...

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Tax is creative ... but only in New Zealand

by Jek Tan

While most people agree, there’s nothing more boring than tax - in New Zealand, at least, tax is actually quite creative. more...

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Case study: The power of addressed mail

by NZ Post

The success of integrated campaigns is well documented. Less well-known is just how well the evidence stacks up on the bottom line for addressed mail. more...

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Telco or transformer? Vodafone’s new weapon

by Vodafone

Innovation means different things in different situations, from helping companies make more money here, to helping save lives in Africa. Leveraging its global networks, Vodafone Global Enterprise Limited has created the Enterprise Innovation programme, which engages businesses and organisations all over the world to see what sort of innovation can help them – and then makes it happen. more...

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The Idealog Guide to Leadership

by Andy Kenworthy

Leadership is a vital ingredient for business success. So how do you go about getting more of the right stuff? more...

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Are your patents worth it?

by Paul Adams

Excuse me - are you using that patent? Three simple questions you should ask to determine if your patents are worth it. more...

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Case study: Leading from the middle

by Lynda Brendish

There’s a whole sector of Kiwi businesses quietly keeping our economy ticking over while the limelight focuses squarely on SMEs and multinationals. With all the value mid-market business adds to the country, it’s about time we started paying a little more attention. more...

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Case study: Adriano Zumbo's sweet success

by Deirdre Coleman

Building a business and protecting your reputation is a lot like assembling a croquembouche – one slip-up and it can all get very messy. more...

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Case study: Leveraging social radio

by Radio Bureau

Radio is the original social medium, and with the explosion of digital social media it’s been just as successful at gathering communities of fans around it in the online world as it has offline. Real opportunity exists for brands looking to leverage these audiences and connect in meaningful ways. more...

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Case study: The power of TV advertising


With television viewership strong and on-demand viewing growing at light speed, smart marketers are leveraging their brands across these video mediums to drive effectiveness and results. more...

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Case study: How Whittaker's safeguards its good name

by Deirdre Coleman

Whittaker's, a household name in pure indulgence, is taking its products to chocolate-lovers around the world – but it’s also taking care to safeguard its solid reputation. more...

Post illustration Innovation

Case study: Improving digital literacy at AUT

by Deirdre Coleman

An initiative originally put in place to enhance the teaching of te reo Maori has improved digital literacy across the board at AUT University. more...

Post illustration Human resources

Case study: Diversity breeds creativity at MediaWorks

by MediaWorks

After seven years, MediaWorks Interactive prides itself on the skills and diversity of its team, but finds its greatest asset is its unity. more...

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