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Infographic: The phobias of creatives

What do creatives fear and loathe above all else? Comic Sans, cubicles, and clients who don't know what they want, according to this Column Five infographic for The Creative Finder. More …


French architecture on tour in NZ

Architecture aficionados will be pleased to hear that top French architects and scientists are currently on tour around New Zealand to share their experiences of sustainable construction through a series of seminars. More …


Taika tops off We Can Create hat trick

Last week, creative extravaganza We Can Create dropped ticket prices to $120. And the value factor just rose approximately 100 percent with the news that Taika Waititi will be joining the lineup on Saturday. More …


Win! A Moleskine photo album


Moleskine occupies a hallowed perch in the eyes of design aficionados everywhere. And in collaboration with MILK Books (whose launch we covered back in March), it's launched print-on-demand Moleskine photo books and albums, which are sure to go like ... More …