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Architecture/Structural Design

Mountainous monuments dominate skyscraper contest

Mountainous skyscrapers! City landfills! Floating metropolises! All of the above were submissions to the 2012 eVolo Skyscraper competition, which is always full of cutting-edge, sometimes wacky ideas on the use of new technologies, materials, aesthetics, and spatial organisations. More …

When art and pop culture collide

Russian artist Rinat Shingareev inhabits a curious world, if his work is anything to go by – one saturated with rich, vibrant colour and plugged into the biggest celebs and memes pop culture today has to offer. More …


An exercise in filmmaking democracy


A group of Melbourne indie filmmakers is developing a sci-fi/fantasy series to be released in 2013. But will it be a case of democracy winning, or too many cooks? More …

Scrabble for font lovers

Last year Andrew Capener designed a rather lovely Scrabble set with a sleek walnut board and assorted fonts on the tiles with the goal of exciting people about typography. He succeeded. More …

The evolution of the animated GIF


From their first incarnations, drawing on video game culture, to Tumblr memes and beyond, the animated GIF has become almost an art form in its own right. More …

A novel way to create your own book


New Zealand-based PQ Blackwell is set to launch a website that will make it possible for anybody to create a tailor-made book – be it a life story, photo book or an ambitious art album. More …