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Interior Design

Versatile vinyl: Decor for the discerning

Perhaps you're a renter constrained by plain white walls and a strict lease, or a keen (re)decorator easily bored. Whatever your motivation, adhesive wall graphics are a nifty way to add a personal touch to a room without ... More …

Architects find inspiration in fairytales

Fairytales have entertained and comforted us throughout our childhoods, and now a bunch of architects have applied themselves to designing some of the houses from our favourite stories. More …


Win! An Opena case for your iPhone!


Never able to find a bottle opener when you need one? Sick of having to carry one on your keychain? With a built-in bottle opener on your iPhone case, you'll have one with you wherever you go. More …

The making of a sign

Signage is an element so deeply embedded into any urban environment that we tend to take it for granted. But just how are they created? More …

Google’s London office gets a zany Tron-esque refit

Google has long been famed for its employee perks – from free food and haircuts to valet service – and futuristic offices. And its London offices now resemble a space station thanks to a recent refurbishment. More …