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Idealog—in the ideas business

All about: the jandal


Jandals. They're like sporks. How? Both words, dear reader, are what etymologists know as 'blends' – they combine elements from two existing words to create a new one. In the case of the spork, the progenitors were spoon, and fork ... More …


A bigger, badder Semi-Permanent

Semi-Permanent is back with a vengeance this year with its eighth instalment after touring Sydney, Melbourne, Dubai and Singapore, as well as satellite conferences in New York and London. More …

Kiwi talent flourishing one year on

Objectspace's latest exhibit is a nod to the five young creatives lucky enough to showcase their work at Talente 2011, Germany’s prestigious craft, design and tech fest for emerging talent from around the globe. More …

Product Design

Packaging’s best and worst in the spotlight


Sick of having to wrestle with mounds of plastic to unwrap your meat or veges? Finding there’s more plastic in Barbie’s wrapping than the doll itself? Having to stuff your pockets with wrappings after enjoying a prune or ... More …