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Digital Art

Tintin app takes users inside the world of Hergé

The Tintin experience just got even better for fans – HarperCollins Publishers, Weta and Moulinsart have collaborated on an app to let viewers immerse themselves into Hergé's rich fictional world. More …


Q Theatre hits all the right notes

Recently home to Tartuffe and currently hosting Auckland Theatre’s version of Roald Dahl’s The Twits, Queen’s Street’s new Q Theatre has well and truly established itself on the Auckland arts scene. More …


The right type: Trends in local business signage

If you’ve ever heard a graphic designer complain about an ugly font, you will know this is not a topic to be scoffed at (unless you want their three-day-old black coffee hiffed in your face). More …

Designworks on a recruiting roll


Designworks' latest recruitment drive sees its ranks swell by four, with the appointment of two new design specialists at each of the Auckland and Wellington offices. More …

Letterpress love lives on

Even as older technologies fade into obsolescence, newer ones pop up to help to preserve them. Here's LetterMpress, an app that lets you experience the charm of this old school craft. More …

Sand, straw and bamboo prove a winning formula at Holcim Awards

Following the regional Holcim Awards for sustainable construction projects for Latin America, Europe, Africa Middle East, and North America, the winners of the Asia Pacific Awards have been revealed, bringing the regional phase of the competition to a close. More …

The trail to zip-up-shoes


Seasoned travellers know that every square centimetre of space in their packs is precious. There's no room for bulk and no room for extras in their luggage – and shoes are the worst offenders. More …

Grand old theatres’ Imperial new look


A couple of century-old theatres scarred by fire and left untouched for 50 years have been transformed into fashionable restaurants in the heart of Auckland. More …