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Reading between the lines of church design


Bet you’ve never seen a church quite like this before. The 'Reading between the lines' project is the result of a collaboration between Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh. The use of the horizontal plates aims to ... More …


Hastings puts the call out to the nation’s design professionals

Architectural competitions can be a bit of a contentious issue but their popularity is certainly on the rise, particularly when it comes to informing the design of civic spaces. Now Hastings District Council is on the hunt for innovative ideas ... More …

Landscape Architecture

Greening the Rubble project earns its keep


When we spoke to the folks behind Greening the Rubble earlier this year, they had high hopes for their voluntary project, which converts earthquake-damaged spaces into recreational, green havens, albeit temporary. The effort looks to have paid off with the ... More …

Christchurch ArtBox initiative moves beyond the concept stage


In October we featured a story about ArtBox, an initiative aiming to provide exhibition and retail space for approximately 100 Christchurch artists, craft practitioners and design retailers who have been displaced following the February earthquake. The initiative has moved from ... More …


Canterbury receives three new foundation design categories

Canterbury has been given three new residential foundation design categories following the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. The categories, and the areas they apply to, are based on ground conditions, including the susceptibility to liquefaction, and the extent of land ... More …

Win! A decade in pictures!


From Valerie Adams to Kylee Guy, the faces featured in New Zealand New Millennium are instantly recognisable. It's a comprehensive portrait of our nation in images from 2000–2010 – in news, politics, natural disasters, sports, arts/culture, celebrity, lifestyle ... More …


Guitar-wielding Apache travels the festival route

You might remember a while back we featured this rather sweet and very clever video about a guitar-wielding Apache. Created using animation, motion graphics and a touch of live action, the video was directed by 2D animator Ned Wenlock of ... More …