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Why leaders are the key to digital disruption

It turns out that the key to handling digital disruption is not through your website, your data or your team of geeks - it’s you. Drawing on a global literature search combined with indepth local interviews, Dr Jane Cherrington uncovers ... More …

Collaboration can be a dirty word

Since its birth in 1996, New Zealand’s Mixed Members Proportional (MMP) system hasn’t had a flying start. There is a reason for its dysfunction. Collaboration isn’t what it is touted to be. More …


Rainbow shame

Recent research suggests creating a workplace where employees feel able to be "out" at work is good for business. Seems like Kiwi companies have a way to go More …

Are you ready to take over the family empire?

Think you can just take over your family’s empire? Not just yet. Even the heir of the world’s oldest tennis-making company Babolat had a shaky start walking into his father's role when the latter was struck by ... More …

The good old days

Your parents insist that things were better way ‘back when’. Don’t panic, but they may well be right More …


Where has all the innovation gone?

Tips for developing an innovation culture within your company, and making sure it makes money for your business, from the Innovation Council's Louise Webster More …