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8 From the Editor


21 Emerging talent: Kat Gee of Kagi jewellery

Kat Gee’s semi-precious, jelly-baby jewels are stocked in over 40 stores. But she works hard for her money

22 Nelson Blue: Manuka in Manhattan

New Yorkers are dining on Marlborough mussels, Tasman Bay crab and tarts made from Manuka honey

22 Kaynemaile's award winning take on chainmail

Kiwi chainmail is an overdue hit with designers

23 Introducing Marshall Day Acoustics, the brain cells creating Paris’ new opera house

Behind the brain cells creating Paris’ new opera house

26 Off your trolley

Inspiration from the humble supermarket cart

26 Regan Gentry: Gorses for courses

A new use for a stubborn pest

27 Door opener: The Wedgee

Does the world need a better door wedge? Micky Waisbrod reckons so and designed the Wedgee, a stylish aluminium wedge that doesn’t slip due to its textured rubber base. His belief in a better wedge goes beyond design, however—he’s hitting the roads to market the Wedgee to design stores and even selling it himself door-to-door.

27 Cymicon: Boost your golf game, virtually

A Dunedin entrepreneur plans to change the way golfers learn, practice and play the game

28 Paul Feenstra's American advice for Kiwi television

Paul Feenstra, a Hollywood-based expat has some advice for Kiwi television

29 Iconix puts Kiwi art icons under the X-ray

Kiwi icons under the X-ray

30 Karen Walker on creating, the environment and being a Kiwi

She may be a Westie, but Karen Walker’s not into living the slow life. She works every day—often till three in the morning—and has just opened her first offshore flagship in Taiwan. So what drives her? And is Walker still flying the flag back home?


34 Good golly, Miss Hollie

Hollie Smith’s debut album is probably the most anticipated Kiwi release this year. Sassy, smart and local, good golly, could Miss Hollie go global? The first step: turn down iconic label Blue Note and pick a subsidiary instead. Russell Brown talks to Northcote’s next big thing

44 The future of food: Meet the Kiwis reinventing what we eat

The future’s bright, the future’s a personalised smoothie—just tap your genetic code into the virtual grocer. Mic Dover meets the Kiwis who are reinventing what we eat

54 AgResearch's Andy West on the scientific edge

Andy West is charged with giving Kiwi farmers the scientific edge on their competitors—and all on a No 8 wire budget. Aaron Smale speaks to the outspoken boss of AgResearch

58 8 Tribes: What kind of Kiwi are you?

Two Wellingtonians have written a guide to the dreams, desires and dislikes of our fellow Kiwis, using well-known cities, towns and suburbs to identify our ‘tribes’. Gena Tuffery reckons she learned a lot reading 8 Tribes (but then she would say that—she’s apparently a Grey Lynn gal)

72 Road to recovery: There's hope for New Zealand yet

We got uncharacteristically bleak in our last issue with ‘Road to Nowhere’, pointing out that New Zealand is languishing in the bottom half of the OECD wealth chart and most Kiwis don’t seem to care. We’re happy to report that Idealog readers care very much


92 In praise of older artists

It’s hard to create something new—and harder to do it for a lifetime

93 Honesty pays

Honesty pays … and not too shabbily, either

94 The logical problem

Great science isn’t created on a balance sheet

95 United we brand

Wanted: new formats that are more engaging and entertaining

96 What I've learned about ... staying forever young

Peter Urlich, one-time singer of 80s rockers Th’ Dudes, played at a baby boomer reunion over summer for Radio Hauraki’s 40th anniversary. Yet each morning 20- and 30-something hipsters tune into his George FM breakfast show and teen ravers line up for his dance parties at the weekend. How does Urlich keep up with the kids?

98 How to ... be your business

What will people think of when they think of your product? Idealog discovers why some brands have a bit more personality than the competition

102 Trading blankets

What’s the value of a woolly jumper?


32 Idealgear

Winter edition |  24 pages of design-led delights for lounge lizards, fashion buffs and lovers of all things innovative

79 Creative showcase

Thinking brands | Here’s a test for your brand: can you make it fit in and stand out? Balancing the seemingly opposite skills of integration and transformation has become a new way to manage your brand