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8 From the Editor


19 Time for a change

The Warrant of Fitness gets a student service

20 Federation nation

With competition waiting at the end of every half-pipe, starting up a skatewear label is hardly a risk-free move. But it’s paying off for Nick and Jenny Clegg, who launched Federation Clothing out of their apartment seven years ago

21 Boling for New Zealand

Here’s something you’ll never see at a Tupperware party

21 In the bag

Ali Middleton is a bag lady with a business—the business of eradicating the 22 million plastic bags New Zealanders use and lose every week

22 Photographer Dean MacKenzie's winning hyperrealism

Photographer of the Year Dean MacKenzie keeps it all in the family

24 Not for kids

Rhubarb Zoo is proving that animation is pure adult’s play

26 Goodnight nurse

Finally, a nurse who truly has no qualms about changing bedpans: a robot

27 Heads up

Hats off to The New Dowse, which is demonstrating its multi-discipline exhibition policy with a show of millinery

28 Kelcy Taratoa: Patronised painter

Leonardo da Vinci had one. So did Raphael. Now our own Kelcy Taratoa is flourishing under the creatively liberating breeze of the patron’s dollar

28 Wonkavision's head-first design

Wonkavision now comes in colour—and it’s tuned to the rugby channel

30 Stuffed up stuff

Julia DeVille gets some strong reactions to her taxidermy jewellery, but none more so than the time she made a teacher throw up at her Wellington primary school. The shark’s head got DeVille banned from future show-and-tells, but these days her work is more welcomed

32 Head down, bum up

Patrick Morris’ eureka moment has taken the world of pot plants and literally turned it on its head

32 City slickers

They may be making our tourism ads over there, but we’re branding their cities back here

34 Nom*D: Flying the black flag

Dark Dunedin fashion label Nom*D just turned 21. How is it to be all grown up?


38 Ray Avery's Medicine Mondiale takes off

A meeting with Fred Hollows set Ray Avery on a new career. Kiwi entrepreneurs are breaking the Third World poverty trap with money, new business models and smart ideas—and selling the same things to the pampered West. Lauren Bartlett unearths the fortune at the bottom of the heap. Plus: The startups sparking Third World innovation.

46 MayDE in China

China’s Mayland Design Exchange—MayDE to its friends—is marrying our creative can-do with their manufacturing know-how. Could ‘MayDE with New Zealand’ be just what ‘Made in China’ needs? Idealog finds out. Plus: How Kiwi students are designing answers to Chinese lifestyle problems.

52 Creative serfs: inside the insidious world of internships

Ideas are free—and ideas people can be bloody cheap too. Gena Tuffery looks behind the corporate facade and meets the creative interns getting by on company handouts and whatever’s left in the fridge.

60 Blah, blah, blah: It's about what you do, not what you say

Traditional marketing is all talk and no trousers. Your customers don’t care what you say, they want to know what you do. James Hurman makes the case for more walk and less talk

66 The new age of ignorance

Science, we think, is for kids—but most adults have very little understanding of how the world works. So, 50 years on from CP Snow’s famous ‘Two Cultures’ essay, why is the old divide between arts and sciences deeper than ever? Tim Adams finds out 


88 Loop Recordings' success formula

Wellington indie Loop Recordings shows the major labels how to work with multinationals

89 Blogging may be a cult, but so is Time magazine

Does mass collaboration herald the rise of a new literati, or just more monkeys with typewriters? Two books take polar views

91 Light behind the lens

A lavish look at New Zealand cinematographers

92 It'a jungle out there

A Kiwi institution is set to go global. Can it keep its homegrown mojo?

92 The joke's on us

New Zealand-ness is in demand. So why are we importing it?

93 In praise of Gilligan's Island

Every idea has its fans and its critics. What it needs is a passionate owner

94 Dig the new breed

Curators are the new superstars of the art world. Here’s why

95 A favour from Neil Finn

Finn’s sledging may prompt the PM to see the problems in our music industry

96 Back to the third dimension

Why Hollywood is betting on 3D ... again

98 Licensing your ideas

Want to keep your idea but share the costs? Here’s how

100 History of licensing


101 Partnering with giants

case study 1

101 Keeping it in the family

case study 2

101 Open up

Sometimes the best price to put on your hard work is: nothing

102 Great expectations

Kiwi publishing turns a page, courtesy of Lloyd Jones and the long tail


72 Creative showcase

Ad navigators | Four million consumers—many more million channels to reach them. Who you gonna call? The ad navigators