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8 From the Editor

New Zealand may suffer from too much purity—but our competitors would still love to take it off us


19 Plumb jam

A new valve is getting the plumbing business flowing again

20 The new wheel

The best invention ever just keeps getting better

20 One man everything

Russel Walder plays something that’s rarer in the music industry than chess: the oboe

21 Spirited away

Who says fashion isn’t deep?

21 Spinning around

The Royal New Zealand Ballet is on a three-leg tour that is much more graceful than it sounds

22 Time flies

It began 15 years ago as a doodle in a high school exercise book, but Andrew Hawley’s concept yacht design, the Hawley F140, is starting to take shape.

24 The Webstock flock

The world's greatest little web conference is back

25 Action that

Our online startups are getting ambitious. Bravo

27 Introducing the Alpine Wasp

A Kiwi company builds the ultimate high-altitude rescue vehicle

30 The power of Babel

Frans Johansson is counting the money in diversity


36 Who you callin' green?

Like it or not, the landfill economy is coming to an end—and New Zealand needs to get real. Gena Tuffery uncovers the Kiwis who are doing us all a favour and living up to our undeserved reputation. Just don’t use that ‘G’ word. Plus: follow these leaders, the view from London and the life in post-peak oil times

48 Brothers in indigenous art: Phillip, Richard and Jody Murray

Take three brothers: one clued-up in IT, one with a business background, and another who creates 21st-century Maori art. It took a family loss to bring them together but now they’re reinventing the business of indigenous art. Amokura Panoho meets the Murray men of Imagenation

56 Meet the Kiwis at Tokyo Design Week

Karryn Cartelle finds the Kiwis on the floor at the massive Tokyo Design Week

62 The sweet science of kiwifruit

Our kiwifruit industry was built by combining the Chinese gooseberry with Kiwi know-how. Now a New Zealand company is returning the favour, working with Chinese growers to raise the plants needed for its natural, healthy sweetener. But they need to step carefully, reports Bette Flagler—Big Sugar is watching


80 Whatever I do it's right

A very personal salute to New Zealand music

81 Book review: The Outsider’s Edge: The Making Of Self-made Billionaires

Explaining Oprah, Bill Gates and Richard Branson

81 Roll with it

The children’s book that emerged from a violent storm

82 AnimFXNZ: The story of the storytellers

The digital mavens at the inspiring AnimFXNZ show they’re not blinded by science

83 The honourable relic

Goldie captures the story of a nation in two portraits—but not as he intended

84 The indie craft movement

It’s pretty hard to undercut the Warehouse, so craft has a new role—relief from mass-produced sameness

84 Back to the boob tube

It’s been a big year for Kiwi TV, but the most promising moment was largely ignored

85 How to stand out among the ad agencies

Every agency claims to be special. Here’s how to live up to the hype

86 Business at the speed of slow

Londoners refuse to be rushed by an upstart from the colonies, but you can do business at British pace

87 A new kind of philanthropy says it’s wrong to lose money

A new kind of philanthropy says it’s wrong to lose money

90 How to attract great staff (and keep them)

Great staff want to be part of their company’s success. Here’s how to get them on board. Plus the history of HR, how it’s done at Squiz and at More FM, keeping up the churn and what workers really want

92 Who needs Human Resources?

Why staff are too important to leave to some department

93 Sustaining staff

Squiz employees get to enjoy rush hour

94 The history of human resources

Ever feel like a cog in a machine? Thank the pharoahs

95 Play hard

Kiwi game developers are getting bigger—by creating smaller thrills

104 Parting shot

God’s own countries


33 Idealgear

Summer edition |  24 pages of design-led delights for lounge lizards, fashion buffs and lovers of all things innovative

67 Creative showcase

The future of work | Discover how sustainability affects our workplaces, and what some companies are doing to make the way we work sustainable