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8 Editorial

What is art?


18 Designer type: Kris Sowersby

The alphabet is already designed. Kris Sowersby’s job is to make it look good

22 Ooid's social experiment

Want to label yourself? Dunedin’s Ooid can help

23 Strange waves

One British critic dubbed The Ruby Suns his pick “to make strange waves in 2008”—but first there’s an ocean to cross

24 Derek Handley wants a word in your ear

New Zealand’s mobile-phone marketers are getting international traction—but they’re held back at home.

27 Sticky business

The Velcro-like exercise wall is not for wallflowers

30 Success sucks

Sir James Dyson says you’ve got to suffer before you succeed


40 Giving vintage fashion a second life

Forget cast-offs, hand-me-downs and the fashions of yesteryear, ‘re-designers’ are turning forgotten gems into something new and desirable. Lauren Bartlett meets the Kiwis creating born-again-ware

46 From sickbed to hi-fi innovator: Garth Murray's path to Theophany

A mystery illness left Garth Murray’s memory shattered, his focus lost, his working days over. Help came from an unexpected quarter: his own dreams. Sally Blundell tacks Murray’s strange trip from sickbed to hi-fi innovator

54 Ponoko: the Wellington startup leading the handmade revolution

If you can draw your idea, Wellington startup Ponoko can probably make it—and find buyers for it too. Idealog meets the New Zealanders at the forefront of the handmade revolution

62 Unpainted: Meet Sofia Minson, artist unto her own

Drop out of fifth form art, get accepted into Elam, then decide to give it a miss. Pay no attention to art other than your own and paint whatever takes your fancy—all in old-fashioned oils. This, reports Gena Tuffery, is the Sofia Minson shortcut

69 Generation C and the music industry

In 2006, Idealog introduced Generation C, the creative, connected generation that is remaking the way we buy, sell and communicate. Now Jake Pearce and Simon Young look at the impact Gen C is having on the music industry—and what it portends for the rest of us


88 Book review: The green Marketing Manifesto

A new manifesto from one of advertising’s big thinkers

88 Introducing Exposure Lifestyles

Exposure Lifestyles discovers deadlines

90 Pop goes the easel

Pop art made the cliché seem clever, but it’s time for it to come off the canvas

92 Lessons from Cambodian startups and entrepreneurs

For a lesson in creativity, pay a visit to Phnom Penh

93 The problem with design education today

Horrible mistakes can be better than successful formulas

94 Meet my bud, Budweiser

Mothers and marketers should know when not to interrupt

94 Educating the Old World

It’s time to add another dimension to Brand Enzed

95 Why Kiwi kids punch above their weight in science

Kiwi kids are doing well at science, despite low funding. Why?

98 Get networked

Facebook, Bebo, Linkedin … what’s the big deal? If markets are conversations, social networks are the biggest markets around. Here’s how (and why) to get involved, without getting in the way. Plus the birth of Bebo, brewing social alcohol and the history of social networking

100 The birth of Bebo

Building networks is hard. Here’s how Bebo’s founders do it—again and again

101 Brewing social alcohol with Epic Beer's Luke Nicholas

Luke Nicholas brews a very networked beer—and he has the fanbase to prove it

103 Thin veneer

Kiwi art and antiques are in demand—but we still like the offshore stuff

104 Parting shot

Get your groove on


33 Idealgear

Design-led delights for lounge lizards, fashion buffs and lovers of all things innovative

75 Creative showcase

Business services | Behind every successful business is a group that’s rarely acknowledged: the unsung heroes of enterprise.