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6 Editorial

Time and money


17 Drowning Graham's sorrows

Meet Graham, a digital cube-dweller just ready to snap

18 Our dream Cabinet

Fifteen New Zealanders to entrust with your tax dollars

20 Tood Wackrow eyes global domination with POCKETvouchers

Here’s a new feature for your phone: free beer

21 Gatekeeper

A new invention saves farmers sleepless nights

22 Going native aims to turn designs into sales

24 Darling, I saw you on my phone

Fashion shots from the street, on the web and on your phone

25 Fashion boot camp

Two Kiwi designers are showing our up-and-comers the ropes

27 Laser class

A new edge just may help win the America’s Cup

30 The end is nigh

Each year 70,000 New Zealanders leave our shores, says David Skilling—and in December he’ll join the exodus


35 Agenda for change

38 Eco-news

47 Better buildings, please

Understanding the environmental performance of a building should be as easy as understanding the performance of your vehicle via its Warrant of Fitness

47 When carbon went to market

As more and more companies recognise the necessity of implementing an environmental strategy that suits their business, they quickly grasp there are two opportunities

48 Making skinny consumption sexy

People need to be sold a new future that doesn’t repeat the follies of the present

50 Better to rethink than to recede

In 18 short months, green consumption has gone from being a fringe activity to a mainstream philosophy

50 Re:design

The next industrial revolution: the shift from the usual process of 'takes, makes and wastes' to one that restores ecological, social and cultural systems

52 Schools: a sustainable asset

Schools aren’t just places where we learn and make friends

52 Life after the ETS

New Zealand will have an emissions trading scheme. That much, at least, is supported by the major parties

54 Big Jim

He’s done with humans. He’s done with pine trees. Now Jim Watson, one of New Zealand’s leading biotech entrepreneurs, is trying to hook the big kahuna: an alternative to fossil fuels

62 Delicious design

Giles Baker and Vanessa Kettelwell never planned a sustainable makeover, but when a U.S. customer demanded eco-friendlier chocolate they found a whole new market

66 Carbon farming with Simunovich Olive Estate

Air miles? Bah. Branka Simunovich’s olives are carbon-positive, thank you, and she has the papers to prove it. Andy Kenworthy visits a very ambitious eco-venture

72 Clean billions

The shift to a low-emission, low-carbon world is introducing high-value business opportunities


90 Meet the new breed of indie Kiwi musicians

It’s the traditional path to rock stardom: land a contract, make a top ten hit, get an intro to your label’s HQ in London or LA. Pity that’s often the end of the road for Kiwi musicians. But a new group of Kiwi musos is blazing its own trail, and they don’t need a major label to get there. Stephen Jewell follows the indie OE. Plus play, Lady, play

98 My imaginary friends

Four Canterbury University students take their masterplan to solve our traffic woes to Paris, competing against 60 other countries for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup—and cure a writer’s cynicism along the way. By Gena Tuffery

106 Big in Japan: The Kiwis running Japan Inc

Terrie Lloyd couldn’t speak a word of Japanese when he arrived in Tokyo, so he started a translation company. Now he’s at the head of a multimillion-dollar publishing and technology empire. Karryn Cartelle meets the Kiwis running Japan Inc

110 The reinvention of Seoul

South Koreans are reinventing Seoul, inspired by the world’s most liveable cities, and even the US Army is getting out of their way. Graham Reid asks why Koreans can unite to build the ‘lifestyle capital of the East’ when New Zealanders struggle to build a football stadium

120 The first 3,000 days: Evaluating the Labour Party's performance to date

Labour swept to power in 1999 promising to transform New Zealand into a world-class, knowledge-led economy. Instead, they reverted to ‘Old Labour’ habits of taxing, regulating and centralising. Vincent Heeringa weighs up Labour’s promises against its achievements and wonders what’s next


130 Books in brief

Design bias and anecdotal heroes

130 Speed demon

Quick thoughts on a quick read

131 Our Garbo

There was no recession in New Zealand. Rita Angus is proof

132 Marketing cities and local NZ tourism

Our cities compete for visitors’ attention. How about giving the locals some love?

133 How to be a good boss

Want to be a good boss? Consider stroppy chef Gordon Ramsay your role model

134 The horror of it all

Looking back at a horrible run

135 Easy on, Dave

A good song can reach a great pitch

136 They would say that

The data tell the story, reckons Google. We’re not persuaded

140 Become a design-led company

Apple, Icebreaker, Fisher & Paykel, Dyson, Formway … it’s design that lifts these companies above the ordinary. But how do you encourage your company to become design-led?

143 The same old us

Local content on the box is up—and that’s worth repeating

144 That was then

Twenty-five years ago, royal glamour arrived in Godzone and Rob Muldoon strapped on his war medals


85 Idealgear

Idealog’s pick of design-led delights