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6 Editorial

Dance, dance revolution

8 Contributors

Michael Beverland, Sangeeta Anand, Nicky Chapman and Ben Kepes

10 The mind expanders

‘Transportation’ might be a strange word to describe a web conference, but for Webstock it’s a good fit. Plus on their way to Webstock: Jane McGonigal and Matt Jones

12 Revisited


15 The kids are alright

Everybody wins with a successful Gen-Y social enterprise

16 EROAD warriors

The high-tech replacement for the humble hubometer

18 Learning to take shelter

A challenge to protect us from climate change

19 A kinder cut

Handcrafted ergonomic scissors are a boon to overworked and aching hairstylists

20 Smooth move

A 21st-century version of the classic single-blade razor

21 Perfect round

Golf balls are the ultimate in precision turntable bearings

22 More true rings

The 40th anniversary re-release of iconic, experimental jewellery designs

24 Testing times

A safe way to test safety equipment

26 Thinking post-digital

The edgy Kiwi experience drew digital innovator Adam Good to our shores


50 Bottled inspiration: the Antipodes Water story

When four old mates got together and started drinking french water, it got them thinking: why? Six years later their Antipodes brand is pioneering a premium glass-bottled water from New Zealand to the world, but it would never have happened without five inspired errors. By Vincent Heeringa

56 The Black Room: Why you need one and how to set it up

Some companies have a secret place, hidden from day-to-day business, where adventurous staff plan a radical makeover. sheds light on the Black Room

60 Gecko Press proves naysayers wrong

Flying in the face of popular opinion, in a tiny niche in a difficult industry, Julia Marshall’s Gecko Press has proven the naysayers wrong. By Nicky Chapman

66 The state of venture capital in New Zealand

New Zealand venture capital desperately needs a hit—an investment that pays back, big time. Without it, our venture capitalists struggle to fund creative Kiwi companies. Mike Booker discovers why we’re sadly used to hearing ‘no’. Plus go for broke, send me an angel, and a short history of the New Zealand venture capital industry


86 Book review: Architecture Uncooked: The New Zealand Holiday House Through an Architect’s Eyes

The architecture of the Kiwi bach

86 It's a game

A recipe for everyday innovation

87 The right man

The life and times of James Hector

87 Book review: The Ten Faces of Innovation: Strategies for Heightening Creativity

Counting the ten faces of innovation

88 Darling, you've changed

True friendships will weather the storm

89 Reunited

And it feels so good

90 Hot topics

Why scientists are getting social

91 Art, body and soul

Sculpture is at its best in the great outdoors

92 How to recycle your brand

Marketing alchemy—turn castoffs into brand gold

95 Long tail politics

Shining a light on a creeping trend

96 Commodity?

The extra (air) mile


33 IdealGear

Idealog’s pick of design-led delights

73 Creative showcase

Business enablers | Service providers are your unsung heroes, the backbone of industry: here are four you should probably get to probably get to know