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6 Editorial

Tweak time

8 Contributors

Florence Noble, Julie Starr and Paul Reynolds

10 The end of the edge

AnimfxNZ is back, returning New Zealand to the centre of the FX world

14 Wiggs’ way

Lance Wiggs helps with your tricky business problems.

16 Agenda

What to do, where and why


19 Reluctant star

Chelsie Preston Crayford started her acting career with a chocolate bribe. Now she needs no convincing.

20 Truly mint

New Zealand Mint has a lot to commemorate.

21 A less virtual world

Online maps are low-res, low-impact and usually low-rent. But a Christchurch company has mapped the city in high-res—including some local interiors.

22 Self-control

Monique Rhodes doesn’t like Christmas albums—so she’s making one, with a who’s-who of Kiwi musicians.

24 YikeBike: Freedom that folds

Before the Segway’s launch—back when it was called Project Ginger—a group of Kiwi inventors was figuring out how to make something better. Meet Project Garlic.

26 Dick Frizzell comes full circle

This must be Dick Frizzell’s year. His Four Square guy is everywhere, his wine won gold at the 2009 New Zealand International Wine Show, and his book, Dick Frizzell: The Painter, has been released to wide acclaim. Nobody blends the creative and the commercial quite like Frizzell, but where does he draw the line?


40 In deep water

When Jaquie Brown frets on television about the shape of her head, she has Gerard Johnstone to thank. The writer, director and editor of The Jaquie Brown Diaries spends much of his time plotting his star’s most uncomfortable adventures—and the rest getting them to air. Florence Noble—part of the new series cast—tracks his journey from stunt school drop-out to creating our funniest sitcom.

46 Natural History New Zealand: The wild bunch

Reality TV is old-school: Natural History New Zealand has been doing it for decades, bringing the weird, wild and wonderful into our living rooms. They’ve learned what viewers like, how to build happy relationships with US media monoliths and proved there’s more to New Zealand than birds. Amanda Cropp meets NHNZ’s wild things. Plus upping the wow factor and an outsider’s view.

54 Bruce Ferguson: Making a splash in the UK

When Bruce Ferguson took his big-splash events business to the UK, he arrived alongside a less welcome visitor: the recession. A year later, the recession is still there—but so is Ferguson, and he’s finding a ready audience for his outrageous stunts and extravaganzas. By Stephen Jewell.

60 Nat Torkington, data hound

In a Wellington corridor, Nat Torkington laid down a challenge—and sparked a small revolution. Julie Starr reveals how a loose collection of determined Kiwi innovators are using public data to change the ways that politicians, public servants, companies and people communicate. But is the country ready? Plus streetwise and now open.


79 Book review: SuperFreakonomics

The sequel to Freakonomics does not disappoint.

79 A better use for economics

Tim Harford is rational, as one would expect of an economist, but rarely boring.

80 Book review: What the Dog Saw (And Other Adventures)

Malcolm Gladwell may not always convince, but who cares? His books are always a treat.

80 Book review: Changing Gears: Take Your Kiwi Business From the Kitchen Table to the Boardroom

A Kiwi business book that manages to thrill … and horrify.

80 Book review: Zone of the Marvellous

If the Great Southern Continent didn’t exist, someone would have had to invent it. And so they did.

81 Book review: Marti Friedlander

New Zealand didn’t immediately understand Marti Friedlander—so she found another way.

82 Export-led discovery

Tene Waitere lived during dramatic times and left a legacy to match.

82 Dirty devices: the IT industry's environmental impact

IT manufacturers are competing to reduce their environmental footprint with some carbon-neutral smoke and mirrors.

84 Love you long time

Apple turns consumers’ attention back to the album format. We still have an attention, right?

84 Survival strategy

Agencies need to transform. Here’s why and how.

85 100% homely

Selling the Rugby World Cup is a challenge for all of us.

86 Spending on stuff we like

Kiwis still aren’t spending much—but at least we’re having more fun with our money.

87 Official ideas

IP protection is a classic indicator of creativity. So how are we doing?

88 Easy rider

Embracing the silly look


31 Idealgear

Idealog’s list of design-led delights

67 Creative showcase: Telling the story

The future of advertising | Advertising and marketing may be changing thanks to the arrival of web 2.0, but the task of the advertising agency as idea generator, expert communicator and persuader has never been more important.

70 Showcase #1: find creative independence

Meet 50 creative consultants who have turned their backs on a regular paycheck and a corner office to work through The Pond.

72 Showcase #2: doing it for the whanau

How GSL Network got women talking, acting and saving their own lives

74 Showcase #3: roping the big one

Lassoo moves at whip-like speed to deliver cracking integrated campaigns

76 Showcase #4: change the only constant

For Q, every creative strategy is driven by the concept of change.