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8 Cheap comfort

10 Contributors

Hadyn Green, Stephen Goodenough, Esther Goh and Jacqui Gibson

12 Revisited

16 Animated tales

Pixar senior animator Andrew Gordon is making his way down under for SP10 in August. We caught him in June to ask about the future of Andy, Buzz and Mr Incredible.

17 Be deconstructive

Meet German designer Katrin Sonnleitner, soon to visit New Zealand for Semi-Permanent 2010.

18 Wiggs’ Way

Lance Wiggs helps solve your tricky business problems.


22 American pie

Meet the ex-scientist who’s taking our humble meat pie to the gourmand streets of San Francisco

24 The people's court opens for business

Warren and Mahoney's magnificent new Supreme Court in Wellington brings people to justice

28 Change agent

You know the television scene is getting weird when TVNZ launches a new channel on Sky’s pay platform. But Eric Kearley, the broadcaster’s new head of digital, reckons it heralds a new age of co-operation in New Zealand media. Others say TVNZ is already irrelevant. So is Kearley just rearranging the deckchairs?


34 Baby bunnies to pound powder on fat Kiwi skis

Why should grown-ups have all the fun? Boutique company Kingswood Skis is pioneering a range of fat kids' skis. No, not skis for fat kids, but fat skis for ordinary kids.

35 Walk this way

35 Play like a playa

35 Girl next door

36 Labour of love

36 Kaipai, car-pie

That drink holder in your car doesn’t need a drink. It needs pie.

36 Time is of the essence

36 Take a load off


40 Sneakernomics

The sneaker. It’s a cheap canvas shoe with a cheap rubber sole—or at least it used to be.

46 Springfree reinvents the trampoline

When Keith Alexander realised a childhood dream and reinvented the trampoline, he also created a global business and relaxed thousands of nervous parents. By Amanda Cropp

52 Camera never lies

Roseanne Liang directs her first feature film—based on her own life and starring two kung-fu movie veterans. No pressure, says .

56 Through the crossroads

Talk about turning the corner: a major illness turned hairdresser Rebecca Herring into an artist and then a fashion designer. By Amanda Cropp.

64 Casualties of coincidence

Adman James Hurman knows what it’s like to be branded a plagiarist—and why we're so quick to believe that a ‘fresh’ idea is actually a cheap rip-off. Why, then, do so many ideas emerge at the same time from different places?


87 Adventures into the unknown world of social media

A fun-but-serious, useful-but-free gift from the most productive man on the planet.

87 Together Alone: The Story of the Finn Brothers

Is the record of the Finn brothers to date a “massive injustice”? Author Jeff Apter says yes; the brothers say nothing.

88 Book review: Speed Thinking

Sometimes you can think too much—so here’s a guide to help you stop.

89 Book review: The Little Big Things

Bestselling business writer Tom Peters has been watching some small Kiwi businesses.

90 Mini’s ambitious new marketing strategy

Cars have been sold the same way for decades. It's time for a grand experiment.

92 Ban the banner: the problem with online advertising

There's a place where the world's garbage collects. No—two places.

93 NZ's burgeoning CGI industry

Computer-generated imagery is rendering a Hollywood industry right here.

94 A right royal rein

Recent spending is a picture of restraint.

95 Well, well, well

Innovation in New Zealand is on the decline. It's time to ask: do we really value new ideas?

96 Rewired

It's a connected world, from our social networks to the cells between our ears.


28 The road warrior returns with kit and kaboodle

Promotion: Awarding-winning photographer Chris McLennan and HP make a world-beating combination. Here's how.

32 Pure futures

50 Eat easy

72 A designer's job now is designing trust, because no else is doing it

Creating trust ought to be the leading task of designers right now—trust in products, trust in people and trust in the idea that change is for the better

74 A spoonful of sugar

76 It's showtime!

78 Greater than the sum of its parts

80 Consumer rules

82 Local brand, global reach

84 New energy